Harold’s: A cozy mid-century bar right across the river

A bar that’s perfect for an intimate night out

Harold’s is a great mix of old and new.

I think we can all agree that when our parents deem something as “cool” the majority of the time it’s met with feelings far from it. So, when my mom told me about Harold’s, I was skeptical, to say the least. A quick google search showed that it wasn’t downtown (where I usually end up) if going for a night out and it was located right across the river in Moorhead. But, after seeing a photo of the mid-century decor and cozy emerald green booths, I thought it was worth giving it a try.

Upon arriving, I realized that Harold’s On Main was a converted auto-shop. The one thing that gave it away is the green painted building with black framed garage doors that can be opened up in the summer to extend the space to the outdoors. In fact, the building used to be where Main Avenue Auto was.

The parking lot had a restored classic corvette parked highlighted by a bold sign hung over it that read, “Junker auto parking.” Walking into the bar, Harold’s on Main; the former history of it being an auto-shop melted away. Emerald green booths line the walls with wood-paneled walls stretching across the entire bar. Below your feet is the white and black diagonal striped floor and the bar front sits jutting out from the back wall with the cursive letter “H” for Harold’s lit up.

If you’re looking for a sport’s bar with flat screens lining the wall I assure you, this is not it. In an article published by the Inforum in January of last year, the owner Eric Odness states; “I personally can’t stand a million TVs in bars. It makes for horrible lighting and people don’t talk to each other, I just wanted a nice bar with dim lights. Everything seems so massive now, big cavernous spaces. I prefer a cozy bar.”

When Eric Odness says dim, he means it. The bartenders usually check your ID by using the small candles laying around to light it up so they can make out the date.

Sitting down with friends at one of the green booths lead us to realize that this bar is truly unique, the dim lights mixed with the fact that there aren’t any other distractions coming from TVs made us appreciate each other’s company even more. If what you’re looking for is an intimate setting where you can truly talk, find yourself driving across the river to this gem of a place. Don’t fear, they also serve $3 Hamm’s on tap.

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