Harassment in the Tri-College Area

Recently on the campuses of the tri-college community, there have been multiple claims of student harassment.

In a listserv sent by North Dakota State, campus police said, “Suspicious social media interactions have been occurring at area colleges.”

David Wahlberg, executive director of marketing and communications at Minnesota State University, Moorhead, said over 30 students have come forward with allegations, either after having heard the news or on their own.

NDSU’s police department said they have been contacted by 10-12 students in total.

Moorhead Police department has an ongoing investigation regarding the situation.

The Fargo Police Department does not have an investigation, due to NDSU’s campus police involvement.

“In order for us to open an investigation, we would have to receive an official request from the NDSU police,” Fargo Police Department deputy Joe Anderson said.

A listserv was sent to MSUM students on Nov. 4. “No threat to the physical safety of the students has been identified,” Jim Schumann, the director of public safety, said.

A female NDSU student who declined identification due to safety concerns stated she felt “uncomfortable” when she was initially contacted, but did not see the harm in talking to the suspect.

“After I would stop responding, the constant messaging and language that followed made me block him,” she said.

“These messages have been uninvited and at times have contained abusive language,” Mike Borr said.

A trespass warrant has been served according to NDSU’s listserv.

University Police Chief Bill Vandall said trespass warrants are served by the university police.

According to Wahlberg, “a trespassing warrant has been issued and MSUM is cooperating fully with the Moorhead Police Department.”

Schuman addressed the students of MSUM and said,” know that you can seek help from MSUM, as these students did.”

NDSU campus police “encourage all students to report unwanted communication or contact that they receive from anyone. Contact the University Police at (701) 231-8998 or Text-A-Tip at (701) 526-6006.”

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