Test your survival skills in ‘Green Hell’

Try to stay sane while surviving the Amazon rainforest

CREEPY JAR | Photo Courtesy
Realistic graphics are just the start of what makes this game so immersive.

Imagine being trapped in the Amazon rainforest after an interaction with a native tribe does not go as planned.

You are hungry, cold, hot, going insane and there is an angry tribe of native Amazonians trying to kill you. This is the situation in which “Green Hell”, by Creepy Jar studio has placed the survivor.

The lingering question for every survivor’s lips: “Where can the human mind wander?”

“Green Hell” has just recently released on the Steam Store and it contains everything a proper survival game should have and more.

With an in-depth story, beautiful graphics, and unique features, “Green Hell” delivers on all fronts in the survival genre.


The graphics alone are enough to bring a person into the Amazon rainforest.

The forest floor is doused in a constant dark green light. Everything from the running water in streams to the scaly back of a black caiman, as it lumbers towards its next victim, look right.

The textures of tree bark and even sustained wounds look like they could be touched through the computer monitor.

“Green Hell” is not lacking in the looks department.

Psychological Thriller

The biggest single feature that “Green Hell” attempts to hammer into the survivor’s head, is that under extreme conditions even the most level headed of people will start to lose their sanity.

As you scrounge for food for eating, items for healing and generally surviving, you will be fighting to keep your mind from going into deeper and darker places. This can be stemmed and even reversed with proper survival tactics and having enough supplies.

The hardest battle is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.

Survival Features

The meat and potatoes of any survival game are its use of real-life survival strategies and tricks.

Starting fires through friction, shelter building, laying animal traps (fish, turtles, pigs, small mammals), creating weapons/tools, hunting and growing your own food are all a part of “Green Hell’s” survival elements.

The most unique aspect of “Green Hell’s” survival is the treatment of wounds, injuries and diseases. From looking for leeches on your limbs to using maggots to clean damaged tissue, “Green Hell” has the gross parts of survival nailed.

Unique Features

“Green Hell” has traits which set it aside from other survival games in the genre.

As mentioned above in the survival features, body inspection is a way to search the player’s body for infections, wounds and even parasites. Then those same problems can be healed in good time (hopefully).

While trying to survive the dangerous jungle’s flora and fauna, the player must be ever watchful of how the mind is handling the situation. From getting attacked by natives and wild animals, to eating the wrong mushrooms, the mind can regress to a scary and dangerous place.

The player must work hard so this does not happen. Another neat feature is the implementation of an ecosystem’s response to how the player treats it. Cutting down trees, killing animals and even tribal warriors can affect the events and landscape of the Amazon Jungle.

“Green Hell”, recently released on the Steam Store for PC and has a variety of elements which make it one of the more advanced survival games on the market.

The game looks right, it delivers an exceptional experience and it eliminates the want to go to the Amazon rainforest for a research expedition.

The green hell awaits, are you prepared?

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