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Graffiti to Bring Home to Mom

The teenage fantasy of sneaking out at midnight, clad in head to toe black, looking for a bare brick wall to cover with the irreverent graffiti design of your choosing is as close now as it ever will be.

Only this time that rebellious dream can be lived out in broad daylight.

The Rourke Art Museum is hosting an interactive aerosol art demonstration on Saturday. The event consists of a series of workshops and lectures throughout the day relevant to aerosol art.

Aerosol art is the practice of using spray paint to compose images and murals in public spaces. The use of the term “aerosol art” is meant to create a separation between the delinquent behavior associated with graffiti and vandalism. In contrast to graffiti, aerosol art results in brilliant images crafted by disciplined, skilled artists.

This event is giving aerosol artists a platform to showcase their talents and open the public’s eyes to the potential and beauty of aerosol art.

The artists involved with the demo are Jared Froeber, Cory Gillerstein and Micah Leitel. Froeber and Gillerstein are both aerosol artists whose latest project was the Roberts Alley mural created for the Fargo Alley Fair. Leitel has been an avid aerosol artist since 1996 and is also scratch DJ.

From 1-4 p.m., the interactive portion of the aerosol art demo will take place at the Moorhead Center Mall. Froeber and Gillerstein will be hosting a workshop to give patrons hands on experience with aerosol art.

Spectators can watch Froeber and Gillerstein in action while also creating their own masterpieces.

“Participants of this demo can expect to see aerosol artists demonstrating aerosol painting techniques on temporary walls. An artist (Leitel) will also be creating a permanent aerosol piece during this time,” event programmer Jacinta Macheel said.

At the same time and location, Leitel will be producing an aerosol public art piece commissioned by the city of Moorhead, Minnesota.

“Participants will also have an opportunity to try out painting with aerosol on a separate temporary walls,” Macheel said. “The artists will be available to help anyone who would like to learn more about the techniques of the trade.”

At 7 p.m. at the Rourke Art Museum, artists will present their lectures. Leitel will be presenting a lecture on “The History of Contemporary Graffiti.” Following Leitel’s lecture, Froeber and Gillerstein will jointly discuss “The History of Train Graffiti.”


What: Aerosol Art Demonstration
Lectures: The Rourke Art Museum, 521 Main Ave, Moorhead MN
Demos: Moorhead Center Mall, 510 Center Ave, Moorhead MN
When: Saturday: demos: 1-4 p.m., lectures: 7-9 p.m.
Price: Free
More information: event page on Facebook

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  1. thanks for taking the time to write an article about our event! it was a success and the community members that arrived to participate seemed to enjoy themselves. it was great fun and i hope to see more events like this in the future. thanks for the coverage!

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