Goodbye Casey from Grant Gloe

Goodbye and good luck, Casey McCarty. If you read The Spectrum regularly you may recognize the name.

McCarty is the head news editor and my roommate of the last two years. McCarty, however, is a senior, thanks to his time in PSEO, and will be graduating this semester as an economics major.

Seeing as this is the last edition he’ll be writing for, I thought it’d be nice to take a break from crappy food reviews (the food not the review, I’m amazing) and bad puns to say goodbye.

I won’t forget the first time I met McCarty. Mostly because I was opening the door he was in the middle of unlocking from the other side. Unfortunately, his keys were on a lanyard around his neck and I pulled him into our dorm room like a dog on a leash.

Goofy yet lovable, it turned out to be an accurate first impression. Since then, he’s always been there. If I were to eat, sleep, work or listen to bad music (“Jar of Hearts” makes me sing along but I’ll deny it to my grave) McCarty could usually be found somewhere in a 15-foot radius.

There were a lot of good times in Reed 320. McCarty would always try to document them with a quote board or five, but there’s a lot you just had to be there for. I got to see him develop a string light addiction and use duct tape to make a new back for a broken lawn chair.

I got see him fall in love with his girlfriend, Nicole. I got to see him decide the lawn chair thing was a bad idea, so he worked the back into a shelf he could slide into his loft. And I got to see him discover his passion for journalism in the form of The Spectrum.

He began working for The Spectrum not really knowing what to expect. After all, he’d never written for a newspaper before. Since then, he’s blown us all away with his commitment to the work and drive to write the best newspaper this campus has ever seen.

He took to it with everything he’s got and I like to think that’s showed twice a week on your nearest paper stand. Casey, you’ve given two great years to The Spectrum and you were the first friend I made in college. Thanks for everything.

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