GoFundMe Campaign Aims to Keep Cobb Away

WDAY reported the Antler, N.D., City Council is making an effort to gather funds to prevent white supremacist Craig Cobb from purchasing lots in the community.

Cobb drew widespread media attention for his 2013 attempt to take over the city of Leith, North Dakota, by purchasing lots and attracting like-minded individuals to create an all-white enclave.

The Bottineau County city created a GoFundMe campaign to gain funds for legal fees and to purchase city lots.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $50,000 for legals fees and for renovating Antler.

The campaign had raised over $8,700 as of Friday morning with donors ranging from as far away as the UK.

Donations can also be sent to PO Box 23, Antler, N.D., 58711.

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