Gift giving as a college student

Affordable and crafty gift ideas with a student’s budget

Low budget ideas for a high-quality gift.

With Christmas and finals coming up, stress is at an all-time high, but gift-giving doesn’t have to be. Money Under 30 released a list of great and affordable gifts to give for the holidays.

Frame something

One of the first gift ideas they suggest is purchasing a poster or print and framing it. This is not only inexpensive but personal. It allows for creativity by being able to customize both the frame and picture within it to fit the style of the individuals you are gifting to.


Another great gift is a candle. A candle is festive and it too can be personal. You’re able to select a scent that holds a memory with the individual or pick a scent you know they love.


For those who like to get crafty, a scrapbook is a simple but special gift to give. Putting together a scrapbook of pictures throughout the years of you and that person, and even including mementos of time spent with them, is a cheap but memorable gift. Something you and they could flip through for years to come. This idea is also great because it is something that can continue to be built upon, or as some say, a gift that keeps on giving.


The next item is great for a friend or family member who enjoys writing or journaling. Giving a journal or notebook with a personal note inscribed is inexpensive and thoughtful. Kind and loving words are priceless.

Advent calendar

Thought Catalog also put together a list of some cheap but awesome holiday gift ideas. A great suggestion of theirs for a significant other is a year-long advent calendar. There are many different ways to do this. You could write out letters in sealed envelopes, make little packages or offer fun and free activities each month.

Personalized mug and other handmade gifts

The site, More, listed a bunch of gifts for those who love to create. If you have someone in your life who loves coffee, creating a personalized mug is a great idea. For a friend who likes to relax, you can make your own homemade bath bombs and soaps. More also recommends giving an ornament. Ornaments are a great gift because they can be enjoyed every year.

No matter what you decide to give, the thought behind it is what means the most. With these affordable and crafty Christmas ideas, you can give to your family and friends without breaking the bank. Life can be stressful, but gift-giving doesn’t have to be.

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