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Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends PS4 Review - PlayStation Universe
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The brand new multiplayer mode for “Ghost of Tsushima” sees you and three others team up for samurai goodness.

On July 17, Sucker Punch Productions released the hotly anticipated “Ghost of Tsushima,” a single-player story samurai adventure during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

The game launched with much praise and became an instant classic. Imagine Assassin’s Creed if it were set in Japan but better.

Now three months after the initial release, Sucker Punch released an update that no one saw coming: multiplayer. This completely free update added a whole host of new samurai adventures but this time with your friends.

Usually, a single-player game adding multiplayer is hit or miss. Sometimes the multiplayer feels nothing like the game and feels simply tacked on to appease people.

When it comes to the ‘Ghost of Tsushima” multiplayer update, this does not seem to be the case. Titled “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends” this mode sees you and up to three other people fighting back Mongols and spirits.

You start off by selecting your main class, of which there are four. Then as you level up you can unlock the other classes as well as new techniques for them. Choose your class wisely as it could mean life or death.

There is the Samurai, the most familiar class if you have played the single-player story. The Samurai is ready to rush into the fight and release a flurry of strikes with their special ability, Hachiman’s Fury. It takes a lot to bring this fighter down.

Then there is the Hunter, nothing can escape this class’s sight. With a bow in hand, the hunter strikes from afar and will send multiple arrows flying at once with their special ability, Eye of Uchitsune. Up close the Hunter won’t fair as well so make sure to keep a distance.

There is also the Assassin, shadows are their ally. They can cause lots of damage quickly and with their special ability, Shadow Strike, they can teleport long distances to destroy their foe. They also get really cool looking masks to strike fear in those that see them.

Finally, there is the Ronin, they are here to back you up when things get hard. Through their ability, Breath of Izanami, they can revive everyone who has been downed and they can heal allies near them. They also have a spirit dog and dogs are always a win, just make sure not to leave Ronin alone as they aren’t the greatest in a large fight.

Now once you select your class what do you do with it? Well, there are a couple of multiplayer mods. There is survival, story, nightmare and soon to be raided.

Most players will want to jump into the multiplayer story first. You can do this with a team of two and they are a lot of fun. Each mission has three stages that get progressively harder and each mission feels unique.

Instead of following the Mongol invasion these missions have you fighting back spirits in a story based on Japanese legend. Be ready to adapt as these can get very difficult, there is one mission where you need to kill almost invisible enemies and that proves to be a huge challenge.

Along with the multiplayer story is the survival mode. This can be done with up to four people and has you defending three points on a map against waves of enemies. It can get super hard and you must be ready to coordinate as a team to fight back against the invaders.

By doing the above two modes you collect loot that makes you progressively better. To get better loot you up the difficulty, just don’t up it to high or you may die. Then once you hit an overall gear score, in Legends it is known as Ki, of 90 you unlock Nightmare mode.

Nightmare mode takes the difficulty to the next level. Nightmare mode adds challenge modifiers that change each week and add a whole new level of challenge. Upon completing it you will be rewarded with some really nice gear, but you need to be very skilled to complete it.

They also have plans to add a raid mode on Oct. 30, which will see you in a team of four fighting back against powerful bosses. You will need a Ki level of 100 and the mode will have three chapters. So, start gearing up now.

The addition of “Ghost of Tsushima Legends” makes an already great game better. You can tell that they put some thought and care into this multiplayer mode and didn’t just add it for the sake of adding it.

It is such a good time with a group of friends. Playing with random players can be a challenge so it is highly recommended to find a group of friends if you want the best experience possible.

If you are a fan of the single-player mode, then you need to try this out. It will distract you for many hours and you will have a great time.

“Ghost of Tsushima Legends” is available as a free update to the PlayStation 4 exclusive “Ghost of Tsushima.”

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