Get Involved Through Student Organizations

The transition to college can be tough. For some, you are leaving behind a community, a home and friends that you have known almost your entire life.

You pack up your bags and set up on a campus that is entirely new to you, all to live among strangers for the next four or more years of your life.

Fortunately, North Dakota State student organizations are a great place to start getting involved on campus, make new friends and even continue to indulge in your favorite hobbies. From Sandy’s Donut Club to the Gaming Guild, NDSU has an organization for everyone.

Lindsey Pouliot, a junior majoring in English, is a member of the NDSU College Democrats. Pouliot noted she has met some of her best friends while being able to get more involved with the Fargo-Moorhead community. She explained that being on the executive board of the organization has been great for her resume, and that it allowed her to update her resume with recent activities.

However, freshman Kelly Schlagel also reminds readers that organizations can be purely fun — with no need to worry about resumes. “Korean club is the best,” Schlagel shared. She explained that she especially enjoys learning about Korean culture and being able to meet and talk to the Korean students at NDSU.

Even during dead week, the Gaming Guild helped students at NDSU relieve some stress by providing board games to enjoy in the lower level of the library. Smiles and laughter filled the space during a stressful time of the semester.

It is easy for many students coming to NDSU for the first time to believe they will mostly be focusing on studying. That is the primary reason most of us are at college, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself at times.

With so many different organizations to choose from, there is no reason to not get involved and make new friends. You can find more information about student organizations at MyNDSU.

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