Gen Z candidate nearly elected to Congress

Candidate Maxwell Frost paves the way for a new generation in politics

Candidate for Congress, Maxwell Frost, has won his democratic primary. Frost could make history by being the first Generation Z to be elected into congress. Frost is 25 years old which qualifies the age requirement to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. This term is the first year where Generations Z candidates can run for office. 

Frost is a Democratic candidate running on a fairly progressive campaign. According to CNBC, “Frost previously worked as a top organizer with the American Civil Liberties Union and March for Our Lives.” His campaign is focused on ending gun violence, change in the criminal justice system, ending climate change and providing Medicare for everyone. He is also working for student debt cancellation.  

According to Maxwell Frost’s website, Frost said “I’m running for Congress because I know we won’t change the system until we change our leadership. It’s time for poor, working-class, and young people to have a seat at the table.”

Frost will run against Republican Candidate Calvin Wimbish in November. The Orlando-based seat is considered a solidly Democratic district which nearly secures a place in Congress for Frost, according to NPR. “It seems like he will be in congress as a very young person,” said Professor of Political Science Kjersten Nelson. 

Frost running for congress will pave the way for other generation Z to enter into the political field. “There’s always a notice when the baton starts getting passed off to the next generation,” said Nelson. 

Nelson also explains that Frost campaign may also affect generation Z’s involvement in politics. “He is going to provide a model that this is possible,” said Nelson. It is rare for a candidate to run at such a young age. 

Usually a candidate will have worked in another profession before running for congress; however, Frost has set a path that is outside the normal for congressional candidates. “It tends to be something you come to after you’ve had a fair amount of experience in industry,” said Nelson. 

According to CNBC, Frost “has worked as an activist since the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, and is vocal about being a survivor of a separate incident of gun violence. “

Nelson explains how the generation Z and even the millennial generation have seemed to be more involved in politics. She said that this may lead to younger candidates running for office. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the shift happen a little bit faster just because of how much interest there is in politics and current events” said Nelson, “that generation has come of age politically.”

Frost’s age and unique background can have an effect on his campaign policy and voter response. “I think that he will be able to reach out to other people his age in a way that is second nature and authentic,” said Nelson. Frost will have a different perspective than other candidates that may attract voters’ favor. 

Nelson also discussed how Frost could play an unique role in Congress if he gets voted in. “I think it will also be interesting to watch once he gets to Congress, what sort of role he has in that institution,” said Nelson.

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