Gaming News: Xbox Games with Gold for March and more

All the things from the gaming industry last week

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Save Gotham as Batman in ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ for free this month.

Every week, a whole slew of news and announcements comes out of the gaming industry. Sometimes there is just way too much to keep track of.

That is where this handy weekly rundown comes in, well, handy. All of the most important things from the gaming industry last week for your convenience.

Xbox Games with Gold

Every month Xbox Live Gold subscribers get four free games and the month of March is no different. It is sort of a mixed bag but as we near the end of this generation most of the stellar titles have been given away.

For starters, on March 1, Xbox One owners can download “Batman: The Enemy Within- The Complete Season.” Adventure into the world of Batman where your choices matter. Be the Dark Knight and save Gotham.

Then on March 16, Xbox One owners can download “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.” Jump and dance your way across this platformer as you try to save the day.

For Xbox 360 owners or Xbox One through backward compatibility you can download “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2” on March 1s. Run through the gothic landscape in a fight between Dracula and Satan.

Then come back on March 16 to download “Sonic Generations.” Team up with iconic characters across time as you save the world once more.

E3 2020 still happening

Los Angeles declared a state of emergency for the Coronavirus early last week. This put the gaming trade show, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3, in jeopardy.

However, the Entertainment Software Association, or ESA, said that E3 is pressing on. They are monitoring it daily but for now, they are still going to host the show.

It is currently set for June 9-11 just like every year but if the Coronavirus situation gets worse in the United States it could be delayed or outright canceled. Let’s hope it isn’t and that the Coronavirus situation is stopped.

Xbox Series X new feature

More information about the next Xbox, the Xbox Series X, has released. It will have a new feature called Quick Resume.

You will be able to resume the game wherever you left off even if you reboot the console. While quick-resume has existed on the Xbox One, the fact that it can resume even after rebooting the console is a huge deal.

Now you will be able to go do your chores before you even hit a save-point in the game, sorry.

‘Death Stranding’ on PC

The hugely divisive PlayStation 4 game from Kojima Productions, “Death Stranding,” will be hitting PC soon. It will be launching on Steam and the Epic Games Store on June 2.

It will support all those PC features that PC players love to talk about, and the Steam version will have a “Half-Life” crossover. Players will be able to equip Sam Porter Bridges with Valve’s Valve on the back of the head, gravity gloves from “Half-Life: Alyx,” Gordon Freeman glasses and a Headcrab.

It is a very clever and interesting game that is worth at least a look. So, cash in that check and go pick it up on June 2n.

Leaked ‘Star Wars’ game

Details about an unannounced Star Wars game have appeared but they very well may be false. This possible Star Wars game called “Project Maverick” was leaked on the European PlayStation Network.

All we have is a picture of a possible logo with a lot of red and flames. A star destroyer appears in the background with some X-wings charging it.

This game has not been announced yet and could be false but let’s hope it isn’t. The more Star Wars games the better.

That is all of the most important news from the gaming industry last week. However, every week is different and some more interesting than the last so stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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