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Battlefield 1 is one of the free ‘Xbox’ games for November.

Every week something seems to happen in the gaming industry, sometimes way too much to keep track of. So here is last week’s run down of all the important stuff that happened in the industry.

Gaming subscription perks

Every month, gamers who have either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus can get their hands on a collection of free games. The month of November is no exception.

Starting off the month strong, Xbox offers gamers a chance to download “Battlefield 1” for Xbox One and “Assassin’s Creed,” for Xbox 360 and Xbox One through “backwards compatibility.”

“Battlefield 1” recreates the trenches of World War I with thrilling high stakes multiplayer and intriguing single-player. Gamers can truly become engrossed in this historic time period while they wait for “Battlefield V” to release Nov. 20. Note: “Battlefield 1” came out in 2016, so it really isn’t the first one in the series.

If historical shooters aren’t your thing, then you can play “Assassin’s Creed” instead. This is the first in the action-adventure franchise. Play as Altair during the Third Crusade as you run around and assassinate your targets. The game may be dated by today’s standards, but it is still a thrilling adventure and an opportunity to see how one of the largest franchises got started.

Come back Nov. 16 to download two more free games. “Race the Sun” will be available for Xbox One, and “Dante’s Inferno” will be available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

“Race the Sun” is a fast-paced arcade game where you race against time. It’s a smaller title, but one that should give some people enjoyment.

“Dante’s Inferno” is a classic Xbox 360 game where you embark on an epic quest of vengeance and redemption. It is based on the classic poem and has players rescue the soul of their beloved from the nine circles of hell. So have fun.

PlayStation owners get to enjoy free titles as well. Starting with PlayStation 4, players can download “Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition” and “Yakuza Kiwami.”

“Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition” is a remastered version of a very over-the-top and crazy first-person shooter. It was actually made by the “Fornite” developers, Epic Games. Every piece of DLC is included.

“Yakuza Kiwami” is a remake of the original “Yakuza”’ and has players roam the streets of Kamurocho fighting people in a unique fighting system. It is the beginning of a long running series that only recently released in the U.S.

PlayStation also offers various smaller games for their other systems. On PlayStation 3, gamers can download “Jackbox Party Pack 2” and “Arkedo Series.” Anyone that owns a Vita (there aren’t many) can download “Burly Men at Sea” and “Roundabout.” Collect your PlayStation 3 and Vita games while you can because they will soon be dropped from the program.

‘Fortnite’ Nerf gun

Who doesn’t love “Fortnite”? Probably a decent few, but that doesn’t matter. Now you can buy a “Fortnite” themed Nerf gun and compete to be the last person standing in real life. Isn’t that great?

‘MediEvil’ remake

The classic game from 1998, “MediEvil” is being remade for the PlayStation 4. Originally, it was being penned as a remaster, but it has been confirmed to be a remake. Players must hack and slash through enemies to stop Zarok’s invasion of the kingdom. No release date has been announced.

‘Resident Evil’ on Switch

The hit or miss zombie games, the “Resident Evil” franchise will be launching on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. “Resident Evil,” “Resident Evil 0” and “Resident Evil 4” will be the chosen few to grace Nintendo Switch screens. More information is coming soon.

PlayStation Classic lineup

The PlayStation Classic is a small version of the original PlayStation that will cost $100 and come packed with 20 pre-loaded games. The official lineup of these games has been announced, and they’re OK.

The highlights of the lineup are “Grand Theft Auto,” “Final Fantasy VII,” “Rayman,” “Resident Evil Director’s Cut” and “Metal Gear Solid.” The rest of the games are hit or miss.

There seems to be games in the major genres, so there is something for everyone in here, but for $100 it is not for everyone.

Red Dead Redemption 2’

“Red Dead Redemption 2” released and was instantly beloved by many, so many in fact that the game raked in $725 million within three days. This makes it the highest grossing opening weekend for any entertainment product.

It is no surprise as the game world is magnificent and the story is so compelling. The only other game that comes near it is “Grand Theft Auto V,” which was also made by Rockstar Games.

“Grand Theft Auto V” holds the record for most money made by any entertainment product in 24 hours. Needless to say, Rockstar is very profitable.

That covers all the important stuff to happen this week. Every week is different and some more interesting than others, so keep a lookout for the next rundown.

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