Gaming News: New ‘Borderlands’ and maybe ‘Zelda’

The week in gaming

Every week something happens in the gaming industry. Sometimes way too much happens for people to keep track of.

The most important bits of news from the industry are nicely put in this rundown.

New ‘Zelda’?

Monolith Soft, the studio that helped make “The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild,” is hiring for a new Zelda project. The more Legend of Zelda, the better. They are looking for technical artists, programmers and a project manager to help work on this new project.

So, get those resumes ready and move to Japan to be part of the next big game in the beloved franchise.

Goodbye, Notch

A new update to everyone’s favorite block building game “Minecraft” removes any mention of the original creator, Markus Perrson, who often goes by Notch. This is mostly due to his very controversial Twitter presence.

He is still credited as the creator in the credits, but all mention of him on the splash screen has been removed.

‘Borderlands 3’

One of the best — and the original — looter shooter series is finally getting a new installment. “Borderlands 3” is technically the fourth iteration in the series, unless you count “Tales from the Borderlands,” and was announced at the gaming culture convention PAX East.

The game boasts over 1 billion different guns, which is very much in line with the ethos of the franchise, and many unique enemies. The developers also showed off the return of most of the vault hunters from every other installment.

A gameplay trailer was also released, and it shows a large variety of environments and four new vault hunters.  

There are four editions available for preorder, including the $250 “Diamond Loot collector’s edition.”

While it has not been confirmed by the makers of the game, Gearbox, according to Microsoft, the game will support cross platform co-op. This means players can interact with those on different systems.

The game will also be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the PC until April 2020 and officially launches Sept. 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

New ‘Call of Duty’ map

“Call of Duty Black Ops 4” is getting a new Blackout map, which is their version of a battle royale mode. The new map designed after the island of Alcatraz.

Tight corridors will cut you off from society, and zombies roam the prison. Good luck.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’

CD Projekt Red, the creators of the wildly popular “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” has some new details about another highly anticipated futuristic game of theirs.

Apparently, “Cyberpunk 2077” will adapt to the player. The story will adapt to every choice the player makes, and the only time you will see a failure screen is if you die.

More news will be coming to E3 2019, as CD Projekt Red has said this will be the most important E3 for them the company.

That about covers all the important news that came out last week. Every week is different, however, and some more interesting than the last, so be on the lookout for next week’s rundown.

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