Gaming News: ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ and more

All the things from the gaming industry last week

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New overview trailer gives a clearer view of what the highly anticipated ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ RPG will be like.

Every week the gaming industry is filled with game announcements and updates. Sometimes way too much to keep track of.

So for your convenience, here is a rundown of all the interesting bits of news from the gaming industry last week.

‘Overwatch 2’

At the time of writing this, Blizzcon 2019 has not happened so everything Blizzard-related is all speculation. On Thursday we will rundown all the Blizzcon announcements.

Last week pre-Blizzcon, the internet was filled with leaks of various titles that they would be announcing. One of those leaks came in the form of “Overwatch 2,” a sequel to the beloved hero-based shooter.

According to ESPN, Blizzard Entertainment was preparing for an “Overwatch 2” announcement. If that is in the form of a fully-fledged sequel or a game overhaul is unknown.

“Overwatch 2” will apparently feature a new logo, new modes, maps, heroes and PvE modes. A 22nd Overwatch hero may also be named.

By the time this is published this may no longer be just a rumor, so be prepared.

‘Death Stranding’ PC

The hotly anticipated strand game from visionary Hideo Kojima, “Death Stranding,” will be coming to PC after all. Originally believed to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive it no longer will be.

It will be coming to PC in early Summer 2020. Sony will not be publishing the PC version, only the PS4 version. 505 Games is publishing the PC version.

The excitement is growing. PS4 players will get to play it first.

‘Marvel’s Avengers’ news

The anticipated action RPG in everyone’s favorite comic book world, “Marvel’s Avengers,” has received some more news in the form of a new overview trailer.

The game seems to have many deep customization systems with each hero having their own set of unique costumes. You’ll be collecting gear to upgrade them as you play.

Players will also receive talent points to upgrade skills, as well as upgrading your home base inside a Helicarrier.

The game will follow Ms. Marvel as she tries to get the Avengers back together after they disband following a catastrophe in San Francisco.

The game will offer both single-player and multiplayer missions, so you’ll get your superhero fix.

That is all of the noteworthy news to come out of last week. However, every week is different, and some are more interesting than the last. So stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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