Gaming News: Free games galore

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Adventure to rapture for free next month with ‘Bioshock The Collection’.

All the things from the gaming industry last week

Every week the gaming industry is filled with game announcements, releases and other news. Sometimes it is a little too much to keep track of.

So, for your convenience, here is a handy rundown of all the important things that happened last week in the gaming industry.

Possible new ‘Knights of the Old Republic’

Rumors are circulating that Electronic Arts may be working on a new “Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic,” a classic Star Wars RPG that is beloved by many.

One source for the rumor says that it is actually a remake of the 2003 game and will bring certain elements back into the “Star Wars” canon. Another source says that it is a sequel of sorts.

We will have to see if these rumors are true but they very well may be. Since Lucasfilm is supposedly working on something involving “Knights of the Old Republic,” this could be very true.

‘NBA 2K20’ pays tribute to Kobe Bryant

An update for “NBA 2K20” went live that adds a nice little memorial to Kobe Bryant on the opening screen. Players who start up the game are greeted by a somber memorial to Kobe.

Across the world players are also holding vigils, wearing lakers gear and paying their respects to Kobe all within the game. It is a hard time for many and it is nice to see that people can even pay respect to him through the gaming world.

Atari hotel

For some reason, the classic game company, Atari, is planning on building hotels. There could be multiple Atari video game hotels in the works– strange.

The first will be in Phoenix, AZ, and construction will apparently begin this year. They announced that eight others are planned and that they will be a one of a kind destinations for all ages and gaming abilities.

This is an odd choice but could be cool. We will have to see if this idea actually pays off.

Playstation Plus free games

The monthly free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers get for the month of February have been announced. They are actually pretty decent this month.

First off, gamers get three games for the price of one, and in this case, that price is free. Gamers will be able to download “Bioshock The Collection” which includes “Bioshock,” “Bioshock 2” and “Bioshock Infinite,” as well as all the DLC. So would you kindly download these games when they become available at the beginning of the month?

If that isn’t your style, then fear not because you will also be able to download ‘The Sims 4.” Get ready to take away those pool ladders and trap your sims inside rooms. You’ll have hours of fun while playing god.

If you own a PSVR you will be able to download a third game for free this month. That’s right three games. “Firewall Zero Hour” will have you shooting things, and since it is VR, it will actually feel like you are there, kind of.

So if you have a Playstation Plus subscription, don’t forget to grab these glorious games next month.

Xbox Games with Gold

Not to be outdone, Xbox also announced their monthly free games for all of their subscribers. Xbox fans get four games like usual: two for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360 or Xbox One through backward compatibility.

The helpings next month are not as strong as Playstation’s but they are still pretty decent. On Feb. 1 players will be able to download the motorcycle racing game “TT Isle of Man” for Xbox One.

If racing isn’t your style then come back on Feb. 16 to download “Call of Cthulhu”; a horror mystery RPG that will have you looking over your shoulder.

Also on Feb. 1, you can download “Fable Heroes” for Xbox 360 or Xbox One. It is a cartoony co-op fable game, so find some friends.

Then come back Feb. 16 to download “Star Wars Battlefront,” not the EA one but the original. The classic “Star Wars” shooter that still holds up.

Don’t forget to grab these games.

That is about it for this week of news. Not much else happened. Every week is different, however, and some more interesting than the last. So stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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