Gaming News: March PlayStation Plus games and more

Everything from gaming last week

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Shadow of the Colossus, the classic action-adventure game, is free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March.

Every week the gaming industry is filled with announcements, updates and drama. Sometimes there is just too much to keep track of.

That is where this handy rundown comes in. Everything important that you need to know from the gaming industry last week.

PlayStation Plus March games

Every month, gamers who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus get a couple of free games to add to their library. The month of March is no exception and the games you’ll be getting have been announced.

The first game that subscribers will be able to pick up is the remake of the cult classic game “Shadow of the Colossus.” Jump into this superb action-adventure game as you take down giant colossi in a series of puzzles.

Once you beat all the colossi, come back to download “Sonic Forces.” It has everything you can expect from a modern sonic game, great ideas but not executed well. You’ll probably find a little bit of fun from this title and then you can go see the movie.

Subscribers used to get more games, but Sony cut it down to only two PlayStation 4 titles with the occasional PSVR title. March only has two so be sure to grab them if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

All the airports in Flight Simulator

The 2020 entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator will apparently have every single airport. You read that right, every single airport.

The team behind the game manually edited 37,000 airports into the game… that is a lot of airports. From the size of the runway to the precise locations of the plane parking spots, it is all there.

This makes the already impressive looking flight simulator even better. Time to get ready to be the first person to go to every single airport.

Two copies of Cyberpunk for one

If you purchase the hotly anticipated role-playing game from CD Projekt Red “Cyberpunk 2077” on Xbox One, you will not have to repurchase it on Xbox Series X. They will give you the Xbox Series X version for free.

This is a big step for the future of gaming. It is a really nice thing to see a big company that is now worth $8 billion to do this for gamers.

No word on whether they will do the same thing for PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

This feature does not just stop at “Cyberpunk 2077.” Every single Xbox Game Studio title will also give you the Xbox Series X version if you bought the Xbox One version. This is truly amazing.

‘Borderlands’ movie

Recently, there has been a slew of good video game to movie adaptations. First, it was “Detective Pikachu,” then it was “Sonic the Hedgehog.” What’s next? “Borderlands.”

Lionsgate is officially producing a “Borderlands” movie with Eli Roth, known for horror movies. They are looking to make a new classic with this movie.

How the vault hunting, gun collecting goodness will transfer to movie form will have to be seen. Hopefully, it is good.

That is all of the most important news that came from the gaming industry last week. However, every week is different and some way more interesting than the last so stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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