Gaming News: Exclusive ‘Call of Duty’ mode and more

This week’s important gaming updates

Every week, something interesting comes out of the gaming industry. Sometimes it is way too much to keep track of.

That is where this handy-dandy rundown comes in. For your convenience, here is everything interesting that happened last week in the gaming industry.

Exclusive Call of Duty Mode

Last week it was announced that the survival horde mode in “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 until October 1, 2020.

Many players voiced their concern about this exclusive mode on social media. Apparently this game mode only makes up 1% of the game’s content, but it is enough to frustrate “CoD” fans that feel they are missing out.

Since a new “Call of Duty” is released every year essentially this mode is locked for the entire life span of the game unless you buy a PS4.

‘Mortal Kombat’ co-op raids

The famous 1v1 fighting game known for its bloody fatalities is getting a new mode. That mode is a Co-op raid mode.

It is a three-player raid mode that brings three players together against a powerful boss. It will be launching in the next update and it will be interesting how it works.

Each player will only see a 1v1 battle because each raid is actually three simultaneous battles. The health bar of the boss is lowered by every player and players can complete challenges to help in the fight.

It sounds weird but may be fun.

T-800 in ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

The terminator is making his appearance in “Mortal Kombat 11”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes his glorious entrance to the fighting game franchise with his own unique sets of moves.

For fans of the game, he will be available in early access on October 8 as part of the Kombat pack. So be ready to destroy your friends as everyone’s favorite killer robot.

‘Death Stranding’ PS4 controller

With the announced ‘Death Stranding’ exclusive PlayStation, four players will get a fancy golden controller that looks like the BB pods in the game.

The interesting thing is that the baby in the BB pod while playing the game will talk to the player through the controller. It seems creepy, which appears to be in line with what the game looks like.

So, if you are buying the console get ready to have a conversation with the virtual baby.

PlayStation 4 crossplay

Crossplay is everywhere in the gaming industry; however, Sony has been against the idea of allowing cross-platform compatibility for some time now while Xbox, Switch and PC have been able to play certain games together.

Sony has finally released the ability for crossplay for any game that wants it.

The feature has finally left its beta phase and is now available for any developer who wants to utilize it. Soon, no matter what device, all players will be able to enjoy games with each other.

That was everything interesting from the gaming industry last week.

Every week is different and some more interesting than the last, so stay tuned for next week’s rundown.

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