Furry Friends| Spooky and Gandalf

Homeward Animal Shelter cares for many animals while they await their forever home. Right now, they have over 60 cats available on their website. These two friendly felines have been there since mid-October and are still looking for their future family.

Don’t let the stereotype of unlucky black cats deter you from this lucky guy.


Meet Spooky, a domestic shorthaired, 1-year-old male. Spooky arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter on Oct. 18.

He is a little shy at first, but once you get to know him and pet his chin, he shows his true colors. He is sweet and will become your best friend.

He started out his life as a “wild” cat before going to Homeward, but then he adapted and realized that living indoors with people is much better. Although you may look at his fur and think he is unlucky, he is a lucky guy and loves other cats. He also enjoys love and treats and loves that he will never have to be hungry again.

A relaxed and calm kitty looking for a place to make friends.


Meet Gandalf, a domestic shorthaired, orange tabby and white, 3-year-old male. He arrived at Homeward Animal Shelter on Oct. 15.

He is a relaxed and confident cat that loves attention and love. He enjoys everyone, both animal and person, so he is perfect for a family.

Unfortunately, he is feline leukemia positive, but that isn’t as bad as it sounds. He can be around dogs and other positive cats but needs to stay away from the negative cats and kept indoors. If those guidelines are followed, he will live a happy life. He is a charmer by nature, so anyone that he is allowed to be around he will make friends with.

Plus, his adoption fees are fully sponsored, meaning he is practically free with up-to-date vaccinations.

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