Fun is Brewing in Downtown Fargo

PHOTO COURTESY | JASMINE MAKI The Fifth Annual Fargo Beer Festival is poised to present dozens of specialty and premium craft brews this Friday night.
The Fifth Annual Fargo Beer Festival is poised to present dozens of specialty and premium craft brews this Friday night.

It’s that time of year again! Fargo’s original celebration of beer aims to entertain audiences with a hopping good time — craft beer tasting, “beer-centric” food and live music.

The Fifth Annual Fargo Beer Festival will feature dozens of specialty and premium craft beers for lovers’ of the brewski to sampling enjoyment. From robust ales to lighter lagers, event-goers are bound to find something to suit their taste buds. Kurt Olerud, promoter of the festival, commented on the brews that will be featured at the event.

“We primarily focus on just really good craft beer from around the world. Some of it’s local, some of it’s from around the world—Germany, Czechoslovakia, or England … Ireland.”

Not only does the Fargo Beer Festival offer the opportunity to sample suds from around the world, hailers of hops will be able to sip on local draft varieties, as well.

“This year, we will have an area with breweries from North Dakota and Minnesota … there will be around five or six of them,” Olerud mentioned.

Beer isn’t the only specialty featured at the festival. Each year, a different food provider is recruited to create a “beer-centric” food that will be featured alongside the brews. Tacos infused with ingredients that came from beer and beer-brazed pork roast are among the foods that have been featured at the Fargo Beer Festival in past years.

This year, Blackbird Woodfire has been selected to be the featured cooperating vendor. They will be crafting a pizza variety exclusively for the upcoming festival. Although the beer-centric pizza flavor is yet to be announced, sources have stated that the pizzas will be wood-fired on site at the festival to guarantee total freshness and optimum deliciousness.

The Moody River Band, a Fargo-based Blues/Rock/R&B band is set to take the stage for the listening pleasure of the malt-loving masses, along with another band that is yet to be named.

When the fun-filled evening comes to an end, festival attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free ride home if the need arises. Anheuser-Busch and VIP Club Ride have collaborated to create the Budweiser Safe Ride home option for patrons. A limited number of individuals will have the opportunity to ride home safely in stylish limos, town cars, a bus and SUV’s, which will be parked outside the event for use throughout the evening. With only a limited number of rides, they will be offered on a firs-come, first-serve basis.

Expecting to entertain crowds of 1,500-2,000, the Fargo Beer Festival looks to provide beer-enthusiasts with a complete evening, from the first sip to the ride home.

Olerud commented, “It’s a great opportunity for people to come and try over a hundred beers, see what kind of stuff they like and then usually they’re able to find that in stores locally. It’s a great way to narrow down those huge beer aisles and find exactly what your taste is.”

WHAT: Fifth Annual Fargo Beer Festival

WHEN: 6-9 p.m. Friday (doors open at 5:45 p.m.)

WHERE: Fargo Civic Lawn (Auditorium and Centennial Hall)

COST: $25 in advance (available at all Empire Crown and Royal Liquor Stores), $30 day of event


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