The beginning of the semester can be a dreaded occasion. Three weeks may not have been enough time to finish all seven seasons of your favorite TV show on Netflix, or maybe you are just not quite ready to go buy new school supplies and truck through the snow to class every day.

For me, it seems I could go another three weeks without classes and homework and would still be content. But the new semester gives everyone a clean slate to start fresh. And although it may seem like a hassle today, the education we receive at NDSU is one we should not take for grant­ed.

Although many students at NDSU are North Dakota or Minnesota residents, many students come from all over the states and globe to come to school here. Whether you attribute interest in the school to our three-peat national champions or our ranking as a top-100 research university, it is clear that NDSU can go nowhere but up.

At The Spectrum, we hope to grow along with the university. Last year, the newspa­per received the Best of Show award at the Associate Collegiate Press Best of the Mid­west in the four-year non-weekly newspa­per category. We will return to that confer­ence again in February.

This year, we are taking things a step further. Managing Editor Lisa Marchand and myself will travel to San Diego, Calif. to attend the ACP National College Jour­nalism Convention for five days along with hundreds of other students from around the nation.

The convention includes speakers from the New York Times and Google. This will allow us to learn how we can improve through a variety of workshops and to see how we measure up to other student media outlets nationwide.

With a new semester, everyone at The Spectrum has a new set of goals and ideas of how we can create an even better stu­dent newspaper for the NDSU community. We encourage students to do the same with their schoolwork. As much of a drag as it may seem, it will be rewarding to challenge yourself and not let yourself get bogged down by falling behind.

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