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From the Editor’s Desk

Many of you who consistently pick up The Spectrum and read it will recognize the name under this headline. For the last two years, my name could be found in the sports section, but now I have taken on a new challenge here. And what a fun challenge it will be.

As the new Editor-in-Chief, I feel a little pressured. After all, I am following in the footsteps of the one they call Emma Heaton. She made ginormous changes this year, and this student newspaper started to cover news like a legit media outlet. Our design went from ordinary to extraordinary.

And we got rid of our old website that would have made anyone’s eyes bleed. In comes a beautiful new website that allows us to break news instantly and that is waiting for your eager eyes to check out.

So what changes will there be next year for The Spectrum? Honestly, not a whole lot. We are going to continue improving our timeliness of NDSU news and improve our online presence. Give us a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter. If you do that, I promise you will never be out of the loop when it comes to NDSU news.

The Spectrum will be the students No. 1 source for campus news. It should be. If there’s a fire on campus, we’ll have it covered and online for you to see what’s going on in a timely fashion. If there’s a breaking press conference, we’ll be there. Even if there’s a stray dog running around Minard Hall, we’ll do our best to get there.

Our top priority is to increase our readership. That’s any new newspaper’s goal. But what we have planned for next year should liken to a college student’s interest. As a college paper, we certainly follow the traditional values of a newspaper. But we also have the luxury of doing some unorthodox things. We like to experiment with stories and design. Heck, one of our issues this year had condoms all over the front cover.

News will have more investigative stories. Features will go out on campus to find stories on students and employees. The section may even bring back crosswords and Sudoku’s (teaser alert). Opinion and A&E will let you know what’s going on locally and nationally. And sports will provide you with all the Bison coverage you need.

If you fall into that college student mold of being allergic to newspapers, check out our website. We’ll have all the stories there waiting for you with some interactive features, like polls.

Lastly, The Spectrum is NDSU’s newspaper. It is geared toward BisoNation. If you want to know something, let us know and we’ll find that story. If you want something known, let us know and we’ll tell that story. Anything ranging from a new club on campus to an issue on campus that some are oblivious to, or even why the ice cream toppings are gone from the dining centers. If our editor’s find it newsworthy, they’ll go out and get that story.

Nothing has guaranteed coverage in The Spectrum. But it’s our goal to provide coverage to what this campus wants to know and what it needs to know.

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