Freaky Greek-y

Greek Week is upon us

Fraternities and sororities work together over Greek Week.

Greek Week kicked off across the North Dakota State Greek life community Monday, April 8.

Courtney Lock, affiliated with the NDSU Kappa Delta chapter and serving as the NDSU community Panhellenic Council President, also known as the president of the Council of Sororities, expressed her feelings about Greek Week.

“Greek Week is a week-long celebration of the NDSU Fraternity and Sorority Life community where members of chapters have the opportunity to come together and have fun during a week full of friendly competitions, events and awards,” Lock said.

The object of Greek Week is to earn the most points for students’ respective fraternity or sorority.

“My favorite part about Greek Week is seeing all of the different chapters come together and work together in unison.”

Courtney Lock, Panhellenic Council President

Activities include volunteer opportunities, games, challenges and the annual medallion hunt.

The medallion hunt involves an object, the medallion, being hid every day, and whichever Greek life organization finds the medallion is awarded points.

If someone outside of the NDSU Greek life community finds the medallion, none of the NDSU Greek life organizations receive points for the find.

Whichever organization has the most points at the end of the week wins an award at the annual Greek Awards Ceremony. The sorority Alpha Gamma Delta won last year.

“Greek Week is a way for chapters to come together in a fun, yet competitive way, to realize that we all stand together in this community,” Lock said.

Despite the competition, Greek Week can bring students together. “My favorite part about Greek Week is seeing all of the different chapters come together and work together in unison,” Lock said.

This crossover in sorority and fraternity can facilitate connections that benefit the organizations in the future.

“In my opinion, there are two leading things that members of Fraternity and Sorority Life at NDSU can gain out of participating in Greek Week: new connections with members from other chapters and leadership skills through coordinating and organizing events with their team,” Lock said

Lock also said Greek Week emphasizes the four pillars of the Greek life community: scholarship, leadership, philanthropy and brotherhood/sisterhood.

One hope that Lock has is to get more individuals involved in Greek life though Greek Week, stating, “Only those who are listed under a chapter’s roster can participate, but my hope is that people come and see what the Fraternity and Sorority Life here is truly all about, and even consider joining a chapter.”

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