Four Tricks to Keep Your Neighbors from Hating You


As the weather heats up, we all want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. For students living off-campus, spring brings bonfires, yard games and late nights that can get a little rowdy.

While everyone understands your love of spring and the beautiful weather that comes along with it, consider how your neighbors might not want to hear or see your celebration.

Here are some tips for being a good neighbor as we enter into the season of spending time outdoors:

  1. Keep the noise down

While being indoors is typically associated with quiet voices, outdoor activities don’t have to require high levels of noise. Keep in mind that while you are celebrating your Thursday night, others around you might be studying for exams, writing papers or trying to get some quality sleep.

  1. Don’t be a litterbug

Trash belongs in one place and one place only – the garbage can. When walking from place to place, be conscious of other people’s property. Don’t throw your trash on the ground or in people’s yards; it’s rude and no one wants to clean up after you.

  1. Keep your yard tidy

While respecting others’ properties may seem like common sense, don’t neglect your own space in the process. No one wants to see your unkempt lawn or the aftermath of your evening of beer darts for days on end. Part of being a good neighbor is making sure the space you occupy doesn’t make the people around you feel uncomfortable or irritated.

  1. Watch where you park

Finding space to park will always be an issue, but be conscious of those who live around you. Pay attention to street signs and driveway openings. Don’t block people in and, for Pete’s sake, don’t park on anyone’s grass.

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