Forbes Reports Worst Paying College Majors

FILE PHOTO | THE SPECTRUM Music majors' annual starting salary was found to be $35,700, as reported by Forbes.
Music majors’ annual starting salary was found to be $35,700, as reported by Forbes.

The main reason students go to college is for a greater opportunity of landing a good paying job in the future. However, according to a recent Forbes’ article, many popular majors at North Dakota State are among the least paying college majors.

The data reported by Forbes writer James Marshall Crotty was taken using annual salary data from compensation research firm PayScale, along with data from Burning Glass Technologies and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The majors published as worst paying are art history, social work, photography, culinary arts, child and family studies, biblical studies, music, animal science, horticulture and exercise science.

Annual salaries ranged from $32,600 to $78,000.

“It is almost degrading to hear that because there are so many opportunities to do with this major,” said freshman Julie Lund, an animal science major. “But also it doesn’t bother me because I am choosing to be paid less because it’s something that I love doing rather than having a high paying job that I will hate.”

With NDSU being a land grant university, the school has many students in agriculture fields. Many majors are broad and offer many jobs.

“There are a lot of people that believe that agriculture majors aren’t really important and believe that we do not study important things,” Lund said.

Danielle Anderson, another animal science major, said, “People do not fully understand the significance agriculture has on the world. They only see the negatives, not the changes or improvements that we are making.”

While hearing their majors are not “important” or “high paying” would upset many people, most students in those majors said they are in it because they love what they are doing.

“It didn’t phase me when I chose it, and hearing that still doesn’t phase me now,” said DeJon Allen, a general art major. “I have confidence in the fact that my craft will sustain me, as it has been doing for about two years.”

Allen said when people publish these articles, it discourages potential art majors, giving the impression that majoring in one’s craft may not be worth it just because it may pay less than other majors.

The greatest fear that people have with studies like these are students being discouraged from going into the field they love, he added.

A lot of these majors can lead to PhD’s and research.

“I hope to be admitted into veterinary school and pursue my doctorate to become a licensed veterinarian,” Lund said.


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