FMBallet Presents: ‘Aladdin’


This past weekend, April 21-22, the Fargo Theatre hosted FMBallet for their production of ‘Aladdin.’

But this wasn’t Disney’s cartoon ‘Aladdin’ that we all know; artistic director, Matthew Gasper drew inspiration from a collection of Middle Eastern folk tales featuring the story, “Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.”

“I found this story to be a little more complex than the cartoon version… Composer Carl Davis had written music for London Contemporary Dance Company’s ballet production of ‘Aladdin.’ His music is as complex as the story,” Gasper remarked in a note featured in the production program.

Being this was my first time attending a production put on by the FMBallet, I was not sure what to expect. Needless to say, I was floored. The talent of this company is hard to grasp unless you are able to see it in person.

The choreography combined with the music made for an amazing display of emotion that told Aladdin’s story without the use of words.

From start to finish, it was easy to see the passion emanating from all the work that went on behind the scenes to what attendees witnessed on stage; from the detailed costumes and set design to the original choreography that was put forth with effortless grace.

I may be no expert in the art of ballet, but anyone can recognize talent when they see it.

From an excerpt featured in the program, Gasper commented, “Our production of ‘Aladdin’ has been one of my biggest undertakings as Artist Director. With original choreography, beautiful costumes by Suzanne Spiese and set pieces. This ballet has come together with a vision, a little luck, and a wish, just like Aladdin’s adventures.”

Unfortunately, this was FMBallet’s last production of their season, but I will be sure to catch them when they start up again in the fall with ‘Spooky Ballets’ in October.

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