‘Fluffy Horde’ Proves Cute Can Be Deadly

TURTLE JUICE | Photo Courtesy
Turtle Juice creates a fresh take on survival horror with ‘Fluffy Horde.’

Imagine the most terrible death you can think of for a second. Now, are there any bunnies involved in that terrible fate of yours? If there are not, then take a gander at “Fluffy Horde,” developed by Turtle Juice and just released yesterday, Nov. 7 for PC. It contains countless scenarios that can have you killed by a veritable tidal wave of fluffy, little bunnies.

“Fluffy Horde” is a fascinating computer game that combines two-dimensional side scrolling, real-time strategy and tower defense elements to create a seemingly fresh take on survival horror. Gameplay revolves around a frenzied breeding horde of bunnies, which was initially formed by a Shaman wanderer. The Shaman has been unable to secure a home for himself in the three kingdoms, and so he will attempt to take them back with overwhelming fluffy forces. Will you be overcome by their frantic, pixelated movements?

There are 100 cities to protect from the rabbit scourge and 400 badges to collect. There are also four bosses to fight and a great development team, which has a wonderful sense of humor. Here are a few of the “features” for the game that are not necessarily features, but more so amusing quips from the development team.

  • “Mesmerizing Pixel art that will cure your eyes of myopia.”
  • “Awesome voice-over acting that will make you pee your pants. Wear double underwear for a better experience.”
  • “Music is made by God. We got God on our team, that’s right! Who do you got?”

There is not really anything much else to talk about other than the game looks like a lot of fun and is superbly ridiculous in its design and atmosphere.

If you think you would enjoy a game about slaughtering endless amounts of bunnies that want nothing more than to end your life, then look no further than “Fluffy Horde” on the Steam Store.

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