Flu season approaches with the country still battling COVID-19

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Ways students can prepare for the upcoming flu season

As if a global pandemic wasn’t enough, flu season is quickly approaching. Fortunately, North Dakota State University is committed to promoting public health on campus.  

In a recent interview Patricia Dirk, the Director of Student Health Services, said that distinguishing COVID-19 and the seasonal flu can be difficult. “They have similar symptoms, so students should make sure they’re getting tested [for COVID-19] once a week,” Dirk said. 

However, there are some necessary precautions, “It’s important to note the difference between symptomatic and asymptomatic testing sites,” Dirk adds. “Students showing symptoms of illness should not go to asymptomatic testing sites.” 

Dirk also stressed the importance of flu vaccines as well as knowledge about when to take them. “It is highly encouraged that students get a flu shot- ideally in the timeframe of middle to late October. The reasoning for this is that for any time earlier than that, the potency of the shot could wane,” Dirk said.

Students on campus can schedule an appointment for their flu vaccine by calling NDSU Student Health Service, or online by visiting the website.  

For information regarding COVID-19, flu, and more student health resources, visit Student Health Service, call (701) 231-7331 or visit the Student Health Service webpage: https://www.ndsu.edu/studenthealthservice/.

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