Five guys must trys

I have been a dedicated believer in Five Guys being the greatest fast-food cheeseburger in the nation. Now, before I get hunted down for my beliefs, yes, I’ve been to In-N-Out, yes, I’ve been to Shake Shack and I don’t believe Whataburger has what it takes to keep up with Five Guys. 

Everybody has the right to their own opinions, and I know my words won’t be enough to change those of others so I am going to provide a list of items that I believe will be able to change the minds of all the Five Guys doubters. So, without further ado let’s get to the list.

Little cheeseburger

It all starts off with the cheeseburger. It may be named “little” but at Five Guys that simply means there is only one burger patty instead of two. Every burger has a flat price with every topping being free allowing the customer to have full control over what goes on his or her burger. Everyone has their preferred toppings but for those who don’t I will provide my recommendation: lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, mayo and ketchup.

Note: The burgers can be messy so grab extra napkins.

Regular fries

Five Guys has some of my absolute favorite fast-food fries. Unlike some of the more basic fast-food chains Five Guys has fresh cut fries that are almost fried to order creating a crispy outside with a hot pillowy inside for the fries. What makes them even better though is the sheer quantity they give each customer. They have the basic sizes: small, regular and large but no matter what size you get they always make sure to throw in an extra scoop straight into the bag. 

They do provide the choice of a Cajun seasoning, but I would recommend sticking with plain salt for the fries.


Last but certainly not least, this meal is perfectly rounded off with a simple milkshake. Five Guys has a variety of flavors ranging from the basic vanilla, chocolate or strawberry to some crazier flavors like bacon or coffee. Once again, it’s strictly personal preference, but I usually stick to my favorite flavor: strawberry.


Five Guys also has a couple items on its menu that can be great substitutes for people that don’t like any of the above items. The first item being the bacon cheese dog. This menu item is extremely underrated and is my go-to if I don’t feel like having a burger. They also have a grilled cheese sandwich that is a delicious option for those that don’t eat meat.


Five Guys is one of the greatest and most underrated fast-food restaurants in the nation. They have delicious burgers and allow you to freely customize them however you like. They have fresh cut fries that fill half the bag and they have one of the best shakes you will ever taste which are made to order. At this point if you are still a doubter of the Five Guys supremacy, I implore you to go out and give them a try. However, beware if you’re afraid of getting your mind blown you may want to stay away.

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