5 Examples of Feminist Intimidation Tactics

Feminist ideology is constructed so that feminists will never have to subject their beliefs to fair scrutiny. They accomplish this by subjecting heretics to a series of intimidation tactics.

Feminists claim only a radical minority use these intimidation tactics. However, the reality is if you challenge feminism in an academic setting, it is almost guaranteed you will have one or more of these used against you.

These intimidation tactics are remarkably effective and are the primary reasons why feminist misinformation is disseminated so freely in academia. This is unfortunate as academia is one of the few places that has the resources to refute feminist ideology, as listed below:

1.) Feminists claim to represent women’s interests; therefore, heretics are oppressing women and deserve to be intimidated.

Feminists have several ways of expressing this sentiment, the most common of which is labeling heretics as sexist. They may also accuse heretics of denigrating women, acting as trolls, being rape apologists, misogynistic, corrupted by their privilege or duped by the patriarchy.

This tactic has the same meaning and effect regardless of how it is expressed. It is an irrelevant ad hominem attack. It is also a public shaming tactic that can adversely affect the heretic’s personal and professional reputation. In academia, being labeled as sexist can threaten a heretic’s student/employment status.

2.) Feminists intimidate everybody associated with the heretic.

Feminists consider heresy to be such a heinous injustice that it is wrong to even tolerate it. The heretic’s colleagues, friends and employers deserved to be intimidated as well if they do not stop the heresy.

To feminists, it is inconceivable that anybody would agree with the heretic.

This causes the heretic to be put under pressure from people they can normally depend on. It also makes the heretic feel guilty that others could be punished for what they are saying.

3.) Feminists destroy evidence that the heresy existed and that intimidation tactics were utilized to silence the heretic.

This has the benefit of silencing heresy without alerting the public to the unethical tactics that are required to create conformity to feminist ideology.

It increases the alienation felt by heretics elsewhere, as they are unaware that other people exist who think the way they do.

4.) Feminists claim that heresy triggers their post-traumatic stress disorder.

Feminists claim that women are so traumatized by the patriarchy (usually as a result of being raped) that many have developed PTSD.

Heretics are not allowed to question the existence of rape culture as it may trigger feminists’ PTSD. Some feminists even claim all forms of heresy (no matter how minor) are a form of violence capable of triggering them.

This is a logical fallacy as the validity of the heretic’s arguments is not related to whether or not it triggers feminists.

It is an intimidation tactic that makes the heretic appear violent. It also makes the heretic feel unnecessarily guilty for triggering feminists.

5.) Heretics do not have the right to defend themselves against feminist intimidation tactics.

Getting upset with feminists is considered a form of sexism, even when it is in self-defense. This creates a positive feedback wherein the heretic becomes more upset, which makes them appear more sexist.

This is a lose-lose situation for the heretic. They can either resign themselves to allegations of sexism, or defend themselves, in which case they will be regarded as sexist.

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  1. Excellent work, Matt. In my experience the fastest way to chase off a feminist is to ask her to help protest areas in which men are legally disadvantaged – Selective Service, Child Custody, Genital Mutilation, Reproductive Rights, and so on. Feminists secretly love inequalities like that.

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