Serving with the Herd

North Dakota State gave back to the community through “Serve with the Herd: Community Service Project Day” on Tuesday, Sept. 18. The goals for the volunteer event were to celebrate Homecoming, give back to the community and spread Bison pride.

“Serve with the Herd” is a series of “monthly ‘mini’ days of service” organized by the NDSU Volunteer Network. “Community Service Project Day” is held every year during Homecoming week. NDSU students, faculty and alumni signed up through Student Activities and were given volunteer opportunities throughout the community.

There were 15 organizations that were available for people to volunteer with. According to Hayden Teruya, a member of the NDSU Volunteer Network student staff, one of the more popular volunteer organizations was Project Linus. He said people have a lot of fun volunteering with this organization. As part of Project Linus, students provided blankets to seriously ill or traumatized children.

Almost 150 volunteers took part in Community Service Project Day. The organizers are hoping to increase their numbers next year and have 200-300 volunteers sign up.

“We want it to be a tradition, kind of like a long stake where everyone remembers it,” Teruya said.

Teruya considered Community Service Project Day to be a very successful event because it was a learning experience. He said he hopes the number of volunteers will keep growing and those that take part will build bonds over the years.

Individuals who volunteered didn’t just give back to their community and represent NDSU; they also received a free Homecoming T-shirt.

The Volunteer Network’s goal is to hold more major events like Community Service Day. In the future, the Volunteering Network is planning to hold a similar event, but during the spring semester.

At the end of the year, the Volunteering Network will hold the Bison Leader Awards. The Bison Leader Awards are a way to recognize individuals who volunteered the most hours during the year.

“Fill the Dome” and “Giving Tree of Hope” are a couple of other events the Volunteer Network helps organize during the school year.

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