Last Trump, Clinton Debate Begins Final Countdown

The 2016 general election is within 20 days and the final presidential debate occurred Wednesday night in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is the last time Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton directly faced off on television before the election.

Though the election took place in the desert, debate watch parties were hosted through the prairie on campus.

Students were encouraged to watch the debate with others by the North Dakota State Communications Department, NDSU College Republicans and NDSU College Democrats.

“I really think the debate was very weak, hats off to the moderator for being completely fair but from what I saw Hillary had come up on top, although she left a lot unanswered,” Jamal Omar, vice president of NDSU College Republicans, said.

The debate focused on topics regarding supreme court justices, abortion, the economy, immigration, foreign hot spots, debt and entitlements as well as fitness to be president.

Each candidate had two minutes to speak their part, then 15 minutes to respond to each other.

“We are very happy with the performance that Hillary Clinton put up tonight,” Eric Thibert, president of NDSU College Democrats, said.

Omar said his final thoughts on Trump’s performance were not as pleased, but he saw room for improvement in Trump.

“Trump failed to bring up the new revelations of Hillary’s supporting (political action committee) causing violence at Trump rallies which could have turned the debate around,” Omar said.

Thibert said he continued his support of Clinton’s execution at the debate.

“Just like in the last two debates, she maintained her composure when Donald Trump lost his and lashed out,” Thibert said. “This is what we expect to see when a strong, experienced public servant confronts a candidate who has never been prepared to engage our country’s problems with workable solutions.”

Election day is Nov. 8. Polling locations as well as voter registration information can be found at a resident’s secretary of state’s website.

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