Fashion Has A Voice

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The Fashion, Apparel and Business Organization (FABO) hosted their annual fashion show, which focuses on positivity, April 25.

They incorporated positivity by giving each designer an “I am” statement. Some statements included, “I am confident,” and “I am colorful.”

Katie Fischer, president of FABO, and Regan Biss, secretary of FABO, both of whom were the fashion show coordinators, agreed that the fashion show was meant to display a positive and fun voice of fashion.

The event displayed 23 retailers, 15 student designers and over 70 models, showcasing a range of clothing from the basic jeans and a T-shirt combination and all the way to beautiful jeweled gowns. All the pieces were created by local Fargo-Moorhead designers. Fischer even made a jacket that she modeled in the show.

When it came to the importance of FABO, Fischer said, “It gives students the opportunity to learn. It provides them with leadership skills. It helps them network and develop themselves.”

Biss, who’s a marketing major, stated the show is a good marketing tool that exceeds the traditional perception of what fashion is and what fashion does.

For Fischer, watching the show come together in the last couple days was the most memorable part of the experience. Biss enjoyed watching the members of the association grow and take on more responsibility throughout the process of this semester-long project.

Both Biss and Fischer thank the committee chairs of the show and enjoyed watching their members grow.

As far as communicating with the North Dakota State community, Fischer wants students to know that fashion doesn’t have to be hard. It’s not about dressing up every day or buying the most expensive clothing. It’s about developing personal style. Biss reminded students that they should showcase who they are and to keep a positive outlook. “Don’t be ashamed about who you are,” Biss said. She also reminded people to come and join FABO as it is open to all students of any major.

Supplemental interview by Madison Murchie

Lights, Camera, Fashion! The FABO Annual Fashion Show was held Wednesday, April 25, 2018. The FABO Show is held yearly to help students in the Apparel Retail Merchandising and Design major to show off their designs that they have been working on for the semester. The theme for this year’s show was “Fashion Has a Voice”. This was to show the positivity that fashion can evoke. The show not only included student, but different boutiques from the Fargo-Moorhead area. During the show, student designers model the looks they’ve been working on during the year. This is their time to show them off to not only professors, but to family, friends, and peers. I had the pleasure of attending the show and interviewing one of the student designers about her experience in the show!

Name: Sierra Steenson

Major: Apparel Retail Merchandising and Design/ Apparel Studies

Year: Junior

MM- How long did you take preparing for this show?

SS – Students in the program and members of the Fashion, Apparel, and Business Organization have been working all semester to organize the show and bring their designs to life.

MM-What is the overall goal of the FABO show?

SS- FABO aims to provide students and the Fargo community with a look into the fashion industry.

MM-What does the FABO show help students accomplish?

SS- There are so many elements that go into the show. Students are involved in design, styling, marketing, networking, and more.

MM-What are the designs you have contributed to the show?

SS- This semester, I have created a jade sequin dress, a sheer embroidered kimono, and a two-piece romper.

MM-What where some classes that best helped you prepare for this?

SS- This year I am in an independent study called apparel design and construction. In the past I have taken beginning apparel construction, apparel construction and fit, and advanced apparel assembly.

MM- What is your favorite piece you’ve designed for the show?

SS- I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite because all of the pieces are so different.

MM-What would you say your design style is?

SS- Glamorous and unique.

MM-What is your favorite part of the show?

SS- Its so fun to see all of the designs in our class come together after a semester full of literal blood, sweat, and tears.

MM-What are some goals you have for after graduation?

SS- Everything is tentative. I have an incredible internship opportunity this summer in Los Angeles. I will be working in design and product development. As of right now, I plan to finish my senior year at NDSU. I will also be pursuing my M.B.A. in the near future because my ultimate goal is to build my own fashion company.

MM-What do you want the clothes you designed to represent?

SS-The garments I design are all about celebrating the female body and channeling confidence.

Overall, the FABO Show is a wonderful way for students to express their style, show their skills, and show their family, friends, and community how amazing the Apparel Design program is at NDSU. According to the NDSU website, Fashion Merchandising is a fairly well sized program, with about 271 undergraduate students. The FABO Show brings light to a program that NDSU is not very well-known for, and shows off both the program and the skills of the people in the program.


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