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Fargo’s Bleak Weather

Gusty wind chills and harsh weather have gripped the United States, especially the Midwest, signaling the coldest temperatures in the past 20 years. Nowadays, almost all the weather chan­nels, international or region­al, are broadcasting the news reports on freezing tempera­tures of US, and especially the breaking records of the coldest temperature on Jan­uary 6,2014. Thus, forcing the schools and businesses to close and cancellations of numerous flights.

The fast, blowing winds prevailing over mid-west re­gion, reaching to -40 F have become a cause of concern for everyone as to how can someone survive in such stormy weather? Why do people even live in afore­mentioned places? And how do they carry out the routine actions?

These questions have occupied the minds of mil­lions. But the answer still remains an interrogating problem. Although these tormented weather condi­tions are apprehensive for many, it seems to be consid­erably normal for the people of Fargo.

Fargo is known as the city that features extreme weather circumstances rang­ing from hot and humid temperatures to windy, cold and icy winters, reaching -48 degrees Fahrenheit. This small city experiences cold weather for the majority of the year, approximately 8 months. So, the people have adapted themselves to sur­vive in this climate.

Reaching the offices, schools and workplaces in the heavy snow showers and blizzards has become com­monplace for them. It is very usual for the people of Fargo to endure the winter season. Even during the blizzards, when travel is not advised and the accidents of the cars sliding into ditches have a plausible chance, the people keep proceeding to their destinations irrespective of the unpleasant weather fore­cast. No matter how ruthless the climate, the crowd con­tinues to work and carry out daily activities.

Moreover, the youth of Fargo and NDSU students enjoy this weather to the utmost levels. A part of the North Fargo region has sev­eral international students coming a long way to pursue higher studies.

For some who are not fa­miliar with this climate, peo­ple really enjoy snugging in bed, taking hot drinks, working in their own way and trying to stay protected from the treacherous wind and cold.

People who have become savvy to the similar climate or may be the residents of the region enjoy partying, relaxing in hot tubs, hav­ing drinks and food, making snowmen and relishing the fresh cold air. As the week­ends approach, people rush to hubs, and nightclubs to celebrate all night, enjoy the moments, forget the hard­ships and relieve the stress accumulated through the whole week.

The inhabitants of this region feel such weather conditions as the same ev­ery year, so differences in weather-related closings, such as university or school days off, have reduced to a small number. And only when there is surely a pos­sible occurrence of blizzard, people take off from work or the authority grants a day off.

Thus, when the whole world is worried about the bleak winds and severe cli­matic conditions, the resi­dents of Fargo enjoy winter to its fullest.


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