Fargo Needs Some Additions

Hands down the best gas station in America.

Fargo is a pretty small city compared to cities across the United States. Despite this, it has everything people would ever need, for the most part. This includes many good restaurants, places to shop, a mall, multiple movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc. While I have mentioned in past articles my dislike for the city, I do enjoy some of the attractions it has to offer. As good as these attractions are, there are some places that don’t exist in Fargo that I think should. Here are a few places and restaurants that, if added, would make Fargo a lot more enjoyable.

Raising Cane’s

For all you Minnesota Native folks reading this, I think you can agree with me on this one. Raising Cane’s is one of the best chicken finger joints I have ever been to. The quality and taste of the food are like no other. They keep their restaurants really clean, too. You can get a huge chicken finger basket that includes fries, Texas toast and a drink for less than $8. You’ll get full, too. That’s what distinguishes Cane’s from other chicken-based restaurants like Chick-fil-A. You pay the same for a meal at Chick-fil-A as Cane’s, but you don’t get nearly as full. The last few times I have gone to Chick-fil-A I have finished my meal and still been hungry. I’m not throwing shade at Chick-fil-A; it’s a really good restaurant. However, I just think Cane’s has more to offer for the price. Like Chick-fil-A, Cane’s has their “special” sauce. I love it so much. I always have to ask for extra sauce. Introducing a Cane’s to Fargo would reel in the Minnesota kids, and it would have the potential to change some North Dakota people’s lives.

Cub Foods

This place sits atop the grocery store hierarchy. Cub has everything to offer and more. It’s basically like Hornbacher’s or Family Fare; it’s just probably over twice the size. My family has shopped there for years, and they never fail to satisfy your household needs. Just throw one Cub in Fargo and you’ll give over half the population a new go-to grocery store.

Fargo residents need to experience these places to further increase their American culture.

Dave and Busters

I have only been to this place a few times, but it’s awesome. It’s a restaurant and bar that serves spectacular food and drinks. But now I should mention the best part: they have a mansion-sized arcade with hundreds of games to play. Like every arcade, they have awesome prizes you can get in exchange for tickets. It would be a lot of money to build a Dave and Busters, but it would be more than worth it. Do you have any idea how many college kids this place would attract? For those who have actually seen what Dave and Busters looks like, you’ll understand why kids would want to come here. They have happy hour drink specials every day too; just to add on to the reasons college students will flock to this attraction. It would be the guaranteed hotspot from Thursday to Sunday.

Kwik Trip

And lots of them. This is my favorite gas station for many reasons. It’s pretty much a gas station with reasonably priced gas and an inside that’s almost like a small grocery store. I buy food from Kwik Trip more than any other gas station by far. They also have really cheap grocery items. They sell gallons of milk and eggs by the dozen for noticeably cheaper prices than any other store. Their hot food is amazing, and they always have deals. There’s also nothing that beats a Kwik Trip doughnut. Get yourself a doughnut and a bottle of their name brand milk and you’ll be sitting nice. They also have “f’real” milkshakes with many different kinds of flavors. Kwik Trip is practically a gas station with good food, so very rare. Everyone needs a Kwik Trip in their lives.

La Casita

This Mexican restaurant never has me leaving disappointed. They have stellar food at a competitive price. Fargo doesn’t really have a long list of Mexican restaurants. Yes, I have been to Paradiso. Good food, too expensive. I’m not trying to pay an arm and a leg for a combo meal when I can get one at La Casita for under $10. There is an Acapulco in Fargo, and this place is very similar to Acapulco. It would just be nice to have one of each. My parents took me to La Casita many times growing up, and I have been a fan ever since. Let me get you hooked.

Adding these places will make the improvable city of Fargo much better. These places would help the residents make decisions among grocery shopping, where to go for entertainment and, of course, where to eat. Fargo residents need to experience these places to further increase their American culture.

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