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Fargo Foodie | Doolittles

Warmth and good food: these are things Midwesterners enjoy. Doolittles can provide these comforts we are not always privileged with as college students living in this tundra.

I grew up just blocks from Doolittles and passed it on my way home from school quite often. If you’ve ever driven down 25th Street in south Fargo, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced the aroma coming from their chimney. They are smoking chicken all day, every day, which is one of their signature items, and also their secret to luring in helpless Fargo residents.

The scent is not deceiving, because their chicken is truly divine, and you won’t find anything better in Fargo. It’s smoky and juicy and usually served with mashed potatoes and a side. You’ll feel right at home here, sitting by the fireplace, enjoying the comfortable, dim atmosphere.

Chicken is always a great option, but the “must have” dish is definitely the brown butter scallops. Never has something so beautiful touched my palate. Juicy, buttery, sweet scallops are served with mashed yams and broccolini. They are 100 percent worth $20, so don’t hesitate to splurge on a good meal with your significant other.

If you’re looking to indulge in a different way, my next favorite dish is the five-cheese tortellini. The name says it all. This pasta dish is smothered in various delicious cheeses with a crispy topping.

Doolittles is nice, because it’s comfortable. I don’t feel like I’m squirming out of my chair waiting for my food to arrive. The dimmed lighting, oversized booths and scent of fire-roasted chicken are simply all I can ask for in a restaurant’s ambiance.

For college students, their meals aren’t necessarily affordable, but they do offer sandwiches, soups and salads for a lighter, less expensive option or as a place to go for lunch. But for a fancy, once-a-month night out, it’s a lovely place to spend more than you normally might.

It may not be the most unique atmosphere, or have the perfect menu, but it’s a staple in the Fargo restaurant community, and I hope Doolittle’s is around for good.

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