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Hugh Jackman reprises his role as superhero Wolverine when “Logan” goes to the big screen on March 3.

Several exciting films are coming to the screen this spring, including “Logan” and “Ghost in the Shell,” promising a ton of action to get the adrenaline pumping.

March 3

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine for one last movie in “Logan,” wide releasing Friday.

The plot centers around Wolverine and Professor X in the near future as they live near the Mexican border. Times are desperate for the mutant movement: new mutants haven’t been born in the past two decades, dashing Professor X’s hopes for a new stage in evolution.

When things can’t seem to get bleaker, a mysterious woman asks Logan to help protect a child named Lauren from destructive forces.

This sci-fi action movie should please any fans of previous X-Men and Wolverine films, along with those who enjoy a lot of fighting.

“Table 19”
March 3

What would it be like if you went to a wedding that no one wanted you to attend? What if you met a bunch of other people who are just as unwanted?

That’s exactly the premise of this comedic film, starring Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson.

The film should be a pretty standard wedding comedy, with plenty of awkward interactions between the experienced cast. Anna Kendrick is good at playing quirky characters, so adding in Kudrow, Robinson and several others will definitely contribute to the possible success of this wedding movie.

“Kong: Skull Island”
March 10

King Kong is back on the silver screen with yet another film adaptation of the famous story. This film focuses on the ape’s island home and on a secretive group, known as Monarch.

Monarch finds a mysterious island with several apex predators fighting for dominance. Humans get caught up in the middle of the vicious fight and learn it might be best to be on the side of the monkey.

While King Kong stories aren’t exactly new, the A-list cast will make this movie worth watching. Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and John Goodman are just of few of those starring.

While the plot may be unoriginal with tons of militarized fighting of a monster, superb acting will keep the audience hooked.

“Beauty & the Beast”
March 17

This classic Disney tale gets retold in a live action, modern adaptation releasing soon with Emma Watson starring as the lead, Belle.

The story should be quite similar to the original 1991 film, with Belle being taken prisoner in the Beast’s castle in exchange for the freedom of her father. Belle eventually befriends the magical staff of the castle and learns to look past the Beast’s rough exterior. However, the hunter Gaston intends to kill the beast and take Belle for himself.

Fans of the original and fans of Emma Watson should be delighted with this upcoming addition to Disney’s series of live-action adaptations.

“Power Rangers”
March 24

This classic children’s television show has been rebooted as a grittier science fiction, action-adventure starring Elizabeth Banks.

Five rebellious teenagers are coincidently brought together and given extraordinary powers to become newest generation of Power Rangers. The fate of the world rests in these new heroes’ hands as Rita Repulsa (Banks), a powerful witch and former Ranger, threatens everyone’s lives as she searches for the Zeo Crystal and its infamous power.

Fans of the original series have been excited for this film since its production was announced. Like the TV series, explosions and fighting will be abound.

“Ghost in the Shell”
March 31

Cyberterrorism is the focal point of this film, starring Scarlett Johansson as the Major, a cyborg field commander in charge of countering terrorism.

The Major’s task force regularly defeats cyber criminals until they face an enemy who will never stop until they have sabotaged artificial intelligence technology.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this film, with the white Johansson starring as an Asian character. Whitewashing of films has always been an issue in Hollywood, and this film is just one of the many examples.

However, without the controversy this film might not have been as talked about due to the niche appeal of the “Ghost in the Shell” series.

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