Fargo Fashion | Winter Outerwear

AMBER ZOLONDEK | THE SPECTRUM A more professional looking piece, this pea coat from Old Navy is sure to complete your look.
A more professional looking piece, this pea coat from Old Navy is sure to complete your look.

Many on campus, including myself, have been taken by surprise with winter’s heartless winds and negative temps, it’s hard to stay warm in such conditions, let alone look stylish or presentable. I’ve found a few different looks for those who are still looking to buy their winter attire and not break the bank.

Once late fall hits and we find ourselves digging out our knits and sweaters, it is also crucial to have a coat that is both pretty and practical. This wool, menswear-inspired jacket from Urban Outfitters is sure to keep you warm and looking chic.

With double-breasted lapels and deep pockets, it’s a very androgynous-looking piece. Heed warning, though. With rain, snow and other moisture, this jacket can tend to get a little off-putting when it becomes damp, as all wool does. Simply hang it up and let it dry before the next time you go out and everything should be fine.

This next jacket is meant to fill in for those days you need to look a little more put-together and structured. This is a look for interviews, professional meetings and even formal gatherings. This is a canvas pea coat from Old Navy lined with linen. Although deceivingly thin and light looking, this coat has some serious layers and dimension. A structured and neutral jacket to throw on over a pantsuit or dress with tights will be sure to complete that workplace look.

Lastly, as we all know, there are days in the Fargo-Moorhead area that are not meant for the faint of heart. Severe wind chill and snow banks as high as our heads call for the big guns. This polyester snowboarding jacket is designed by Vans with intention of keeping you warm and making you look cute.The print is a mixture of cheetah print transcending into skulls with cross bones, which is a little dismal but overall quirky and fun. Filled with tons of pockets for your phone, wallet, keys and snaps to keep your mittens nearby, this jacket is the Cadillac of all winter wear. You can find styles like this at Scheel’s or at vans.com.

While it’s hard to give up cute clothing for warmer substitutes for winter, it’s not necessarily true that you have to give up cute outerwear. Find what works for you and will keep you warm, and this season should be no trouble.

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