Fargo Fashion | Ways To Incorporate New York Fashion Week Styles

Ryley Berzinski | THE SPECTRUM

Another New York Fashion Week came and gone and now there are tons of new trends to keep an eye out for. Stay stylish and fashion forward with these unique looks and ways to spice up your wardrobe.

It is the perfect time to try out things you normally would not. Whether it’s adding a new color to your wardrobe that you normally wouldn’t go for or styling pieces you already had differently, you can learn countless tips and ideas from keeping up with fashion weeks.

These are just a couple of ways to incorporate ideas from the recent fashion week that will leave your spring and summer clothes feeling fresh and exciting.

The ‘working girl’ look

The skirt suit is back. This look radiates confidence and power. The working girl trend is a look with oversized jackets or blazer paired with a miniskirt. Feminism is playing a huge role in our culture today and this is a perfect way to reflect it.

Take a miniskirt then tuck in your favorite button-down, then layer the whole look with your favorite blazer or jacket. Finish off the outfit with riding boots or oxford shoes, both in which pair great with this style.

The color magenta/fuchsia

Looking to make a statement when entering a room? Deck yourself out in the color magenta. Any tone of pink or purple has been extremely popular this last year and will only grow in popularity with spring just around the corner.

This look is a huge revival from the 1980s and makes a bold statement. If magenta is too much of an attention-grabbing idea for you, try incorporating it in smaller ways with neck scarves, jewelry or even sunglasses.

The chic pirate

You read that right — dressing like a pirate is in. This look includes billowing blouses paired with corsets. Think anything Elizabeth Swann wore in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

This trend is very Victorian and is easier to pull off than you may think. Any dress or top with ruffles or puffy sleeves pairs great with a thick waist belt. This ties in with the trend of prairie dresses becoming wildly popular. A prairie dress is a long flowy, lacey dress and is usually in pastille colors and floral prints.

Mauve moods — earth tone palettes

Putting together a trendy outfit can take a lot of work, but that isn’t the case for this trend. It is so easy, and you can create a look with items you already own.

For this style, just pair neutrals together in a full outfit. For example, take a white T-Shirt with white skinny jeans, tuck the white T-Shirt in and add a brown belt to break the outfit up.

When you are out shopping, keep an eye out for earth tone greens and browns, these will be huge this spring, whether it is a top, dress or shoes.

Ryley Berzinski | THE SPECTRUM
Nordstrom has many new trend designer items that can help pull off these looks.

Colored tights

Looking for a way to wear your favorite spring dresses while it is still a little chilly? Just pair them with colored tights.

This trend has been everywhere on the New York Fashion Week runway. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Coach and Michael Kors have sent many looks down the runway featuring colored tights.

If you have a print dress that you would love to wear, just pull one of the colors out of the print and find a pair of tights to match that color. Great places to find low cost colored tights are Target or Marshalls.

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