Fargo Fashion |The One Item You Need in Your Closet This Fall


Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Trendy doesn’t have to be expensive; this leather jacket is only $19.

Do you ever feel as though you’ve hit a bit of a fashion slump? Like you have already exhausted your go-to sweater and jean combinations and it’s only October?

We’ve all been there. You go to your closet and you are just not feeling inspired because nothing is new. You feel as though people are starting to wonder why you wear the same gray sweater every three days, and yet your bank account won’t allow for a complete wardrobe makeover.

This is usually about the time people start to flock to the sale rack at Target, impulsively stocking up on last season’s garb. Don’t get me wrong, this can be a wonderfully affordable way to update your wardrobe, but over time this can really add up. Not to mention, the colors and styles can be slightly out of season.

So what’s the best solution? Simple, a leather jacket is the solution. The right kind of leather jacket can seriously be a game changer for your wardrobe, as it can be paired and styled with pretty much everything. By spending a little bit more on this wardrobe staple, you’ll be able to add flare to any of your old sweaters, dresses and sweatpants. OK, more like stylish joggers, but close enough, right?

Not only is recycling your existing clothing eco-friendly, it’s also a great way to save some money. Depending on the quality of the jacket, an array of options can be found at Forever 21, Target, Anthropologie, H&M and Asos. Included below are five different and versatile looks that can be styled using any trendy or classic garments that already exist in your wardrobe.

1. The reborn sweater

Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Adding a bold red lip can add color to a dark leather jacket.

Leather jackets provide a great opportunity to spruce up all of those old, out-of-season sweaters and cardigans hiding in your closet. Pair an old sweater with your leather jacket, a pair of joggers or trousers and a floppy hat for a fresh new look. Although we’re transitioning into fall, do not be afraid to add a pop of color to the outfit with a red lip or a boldly patterned cardigan.

2. Summer recyclables

The beauty of fashion lies in its endless opportunity for creativity. Recycling your trendy summer T-Shirts, dresses, off-the-shoulder blouses and boldly colored jewelry is a great way to express your individuality. Play around by pairing your leather jacket with some bold statement earrings, a floral summer dress and some tights for a unique and practical ensemble.

3. Stylish sweatpants

Trendy sweatpants are in, and I don’t think anyone is complaining about it. Try pairing your joggers with Converse, a graphic tee and your leather jacket for more of a grungy vibe. By adding the leather jacket, and possibly a watch or an assortment of your favorite bracelets, this look goes from dingy to dressy.

4. Layered leather

Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Leather jackets create a defined waist to show of femininity.

There is nothing more original and practical than a layered look. Although you may feel as though you have exhausted your sweater and tank top combinations, think again. Pairing a longer cardigan with a leather jacket gives the body definition at the waist, creating a flattering, feminine and cozy ensemble. If your personal style is more casual, try pairing your leather jacket with a hoodie and some ripped jeans for an extra layer of warmth and style.

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