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It’s official: purse dogs are out and fancy cats are in.

The biggest trend in fashion right now isn’t athleisure, bodysuits or pastels; it’s coordinating outfits for you and your cat. Dog owners can put their pooches in cute little outfits and tote them around as purse accessories, but cats don’t usually get the same treatment. That’s all about to change this season.

KEYONA ELKINS | PHOTO COURTESY Your cat will absolutely love coordinating outfits with you. Soak in that look of sheer enjoyment.

Scoring your cat an outfit to match yours is guaranteed to make you both look like style stars. Plus, it will get you all the likes on Instagram since you can hashtag #ootd, #twinsies and #catsofinstagram all in one post.

You could keep it simple by matching your kitty’s collar to your top, doing your cat eye makeup to match his actual eyes or making the two of you coordinating friendship bracelets. But to really master the trend, you need to sport full on matching ensembles.

With this trend getting so big, rumors are even swirling that Wet Seal is making a comeback as a “kitty & me” store, taking inspiration from matching “mommy & me” styles but for those with less human children.

Grumpy Cat is in talks to be the official spokescat for the rebrand, even with her dwindling relevance. (All of Vogue editor Grace Coddington’s cats already turned down the offer, and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s famous white feline, Choupette, would neither confirm nor deny any involvement.)

If your adult goals are to basically be the fancy old lady who owned the cats in Disney’s “Aristocats,” this trend is calling your name. It’s purrfect for future cat ladies in the making. Also, matching pet/human fashion looks will definitely bring you and your cat closer together. Cats love dressing up almost as much as they love baths, loud noises and trips to the vet.

Just in case your fluffy friend is a bit apprehensive about trying out the trend, there’s a proven method to getting her into the latest fashions.

First, approach your cat slowly, hiding the outfit. Pet her a few times. Then, whip out the outfit and get one paw in as quickly as possible before she knows you’ve betrayed her. Ignore the growling.

Holding the kitty down, wrestle for her other front paw and wiggle it through the leg hole. Ignore the hissing. Try to avoid the clawing as you secure the outfit around her furry little belly. Finally, bandage any cuts you received in the dressing process so as to not get blood on your adorable new matching outfits.

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