Fargo Fashion | Fashion Tips for the Holiday Season


Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Convert last summer’s midi skirt into this season’s holiday staple.

The holiday season is almost among us, which means it is officially acceptable to start blaring holiday tunes and planning for all of those festive parties, work events and family get-togethers.

Although we all may be basking in overpriced holiday coffee and impulsive Black Friday steals, our wallets may not be feeling quite as exultant. Being a college kid is not cheap, and there often is not a lot of money left over to invest in our holiday wardrobes.

However, your holiday style doesn’t have to suffer.

Looking and feeling great during the holidays doesn’t necessarily mean buying every single hot, new trend you see on the market. There are ways to reinvent your current wardrobe so that you feel good about yourself and your bank account.

1. Go long

We are starting to see long, tea-length dresses and skirts being paired with leather, suede or denim jackets to create a bohemian look.

If you are looking to save a bit of money during the holidays, try recycling last summer’s maxi skirt with an embroidered crop top and boots for a festive look.

2. The wrap dress

The classic wrap dress has taken the retail world by storm throughout the summer and autumn of 2017, and it is clearly here to stay. Go for a classic velvet wrap, or even transition your summer wraps by pairing them with a leather jacket and tights.

Try purchasing some black, maroon or rhinestone tassel earrings to add bit of holiday flair to your outfit without breaking the bank.

3. The layered look

Emily Wotzka| THE SPECTRUM
Floral garments transcend seasonal trends and are fantastic transitional pieces.

An easy, affordable way to accomplish this layered look is to layer a long sleeve with your favorite strappy summer dress. The key here lies within the color and pattern of the dress.

Try to stick with a darker color palette (red, navy, black, blue, dark green, etc.) and/or autumnal floral prints, to give this look a festive edge.

4. Sequins

Sequins are a classic seasonal staple; they will always be appropriate for any holiday occasion. Although sequins can seem a bit gaudy and flashy, there are tasteful, trendy ways to incorporate them into your holiday wardrobe.

Try pairing a black sequin tank top (Zara, Forever 21, Target or H&M are your best bet) with a plaid mini skirt and a leather jacket for a tasteful ensemble.

5. The jumpsuit

Quite possibly the most underrated fashion trend of the season are jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a fantastic way to be comfortable, confident and warm during this holiday season.

Although this may not be something you already have in your wardrobe, it’s worth the initial cost. Similar to your favorite pair of flared jeans, jumpsuits will always live within the fashion pendulum, swinging back into style every few seasons.

Pair a classic black jumpsuit with some high heels, red lipstick and your jacket of choice for the perfect holiday party ensemble.

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