Fargo Fashion | 5 things Rachel Green Wants You to Have in Your Closet

I’ve recently just started re-watching the hit ’90s show “Friends”, and I’ve become completely obsessed with Rachel Green. Her hair, her wardrobe, even her fabulous (and fabulously expensive) New York apartment have all been sources of inspiration for me over the years. The summer before coming to college, I had this wild notion that getting “The Rachel” haircut would be the perfect start to my adult life. Needless to say, it didn’t end well, and I felt more like Edna Mode from “The Incredibles” than Rachel Green from “Friends”. Her style, however, is something that is completely attainable and wearable for anyone this Autumn/Winter 2017. All you need are these five key wardrobe items that can be mixed and matched with your current closet favorites.

1. Plaid

Take whatever opinions and connotations you have of the word plaid and throw them out the window, or at least keep reading to get that

THE SPECTRUM | Emily Wotzka
Keep it casual by pairing a plaid skirt with a neutral sweater or t-shirt.

school-girl-uniform idea out of your head. As fall approaches, we’re going to start seeing plaid take over pretty much every major retailer, so be prepared to fall in love with this cozy and comfortable fabric. In order to avoid looking frumpy, pair a high-waisted plaid skirt with a cropped, neutral sweater or bodysuit to give definition and balance to the overall look.

2. Overalls

The beauty of overalls lies in their versatility. Not only can they transcend seasons, but they also allow for creativity in layering. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sad to see your favorite off-the-shoulder t-shirts collecting dust over the coming autumn/winter months. However, you can create an entirely new and transitional look by throwing on a pair of overalls and your favorite summer sandals or converse.

3. Cropped sweaters

Crop tops will be taking on a bit of a vintage feel this autumn, with the outbreak of the cropped t-shirt sweater. Although it may feel a bit unnatural to be wearing a knitted garment with no sleeves, the texture of the knitted top is a great way to add variation to the simple “jeans and a t-shirt” look. The reasoning for this is that cropped t-shirt sweaters are less bulky than your average sweater. There are more possibilities

THE SPECTRUM | Emily Wotzka
Transition your overalls into fall by pairing them with a cropped sweater or off-the-shoulder blouse.

for mixing & matching with your current denim or bomber jacket. Really, pairing any one of your favorite crop tops with some high-waisted mom jeans will have you feeling like Rachel Green in no time.

4. The mom jean

For the majority of “Friends,” Rachel Green isn’t a mother, but she certainly owns the “mom” jean look. This trend is conveniently in full swing these days, pairing well with cropped sweaters and t-shirts tied at the waist. The wonderful thing about mom jeans is that they show off the shape of the body without the body-hugging element of a true skinny jean.

5. Wide belts

THE SPECTRUM | Emily Wotzka
Try pairing your mom jeans with some fishnet socks for an edgy and trendy look.

Although this trend may seem a bit “out there” for Fargo, North Dakota, there are subtle ways to wear this waist-defining look without feeling too risqué. Similar to the corset trend worn by Gigi, Kylie and Kim, the wide belt creates a feminine look without being too uncomfortable or daring. The shape-forming silhouette of the wide belt will give you the freedom to be more relaxed within the rest of the look, and can be paired with “couch floral” dresses, high-waisted trousers and bulky button-down blouses. A variety of different versions can be found in H&M, Asos, Old Navy and Forever 21.

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