Faces of Student Employees

The question: What do Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb and Moriah Stephens, a senior majoring in journalism at NDSU, have in common?

The answer: being involved in college Greek life and hosting a TV talk show.

Aside from being a member of NDSU’s Alpha Gamma Delta sorority on campus, Stephens occupies most of her time with the Bison Information Network (BIN) on cam­pus where she has been reporting, anchoring and hosting since the spring of 2012.

As the creator and main host of the BIN show called “The Herd,” she and four other student co-hosts talk about fashion, beauty and pop culture.

It was Stephens’s dream to bring the stu­dent body a TV show that would be simi­lar to “The View” or “The Talk,” where the discussion was open-ended about common national issues, pop culture, beauty tips and campus life. As the main host, Stephens is responsible for coordinating most of the story ideas and production work for “The Herd.”

“First semester really focused on helping out freshmen,” said Stephens said. “Now this semester, with the Olympics and the Oscars going on, we’re doing a lot more specialty shows. Next week will be Oscar-themed, and I’m pretty excited.”

Stephens’ poise and eloquence when speaking could be largely attributed to her time in the camera’s spotlight.

“It’s really not as stressful as people might think it would be,” says Stephens. “‘The Herd’ and anchoring have really helped me with my [public] speaking. I enunciate better, and I am more conscious of how I sound when I’m speaking so that I don’t have to repeat myself. You want to be as clear as possible.”

However, Stephens does not spend all of her time under bright lights and in front of teleprompters. Aside from anchoring and hosting, Stephens is also employed as BIN’s sales manager. She works mainly with local businesses that partner with BIN for adver­tising opportunities. Stephens is learning skills as the sales manager that will filter into her future career working in the communica­tions field.

“I think [being the] sales manager has helped me with my assertiveness, which I think is a skill that everyone should have,” Stephens said. “I’m not necessarily timid, but it has helped me with my confidence in approaching people.”

Since Stephens’s camera presence on her show seems effortless, it comes as no surprise that her dream is to be center stage someday. Stephens’s confidence about what she has learned and experienced at BIN is al­lowing her to realize that the capabilities she has developed will help her down the road toward achieving her dream job.

“My ultimate goal would be film acting or theater. I like being on the stage and I like being on that side of the camera,” Ste­phens said. “I wouldn’t mind being a host for a show, doing something like the ‘Today Show’ or ‘Kathy Lee & Hoda.'”

To view the broadcast of Stephens and her co-hosts on-air during “The Herd” show, tune into Cable One’s SU TV Channel 84 to­night at 5 p.m. If viewers are unable to catch the show tonight, they may visit the ndsubin.com website to see what they missed.

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