F-M Area for Change


A new exhibit focusing on ‘human rights for everyone’

According to KVRR local news, the Fargo-Moorhead area is holding a human rights and arts festival until the end of January. The exhibit encompasses human rights for everyone and features over sixty-five different artists. The exhibit is being held on the third floor of the Plains Art Museum and will feature photographs, paintings, films and wall art.

The intention behind the exhibit is to bring change to the F-M community. The artists have depicted issues that affect all of us, issues that are in our area. Some examples of the societal issues the artists have built their work off of is, women’s rights, healthcare, gun violence, the LGBTQ+ community and homelessness.

The artists are using this festival as a way to communicate that, as a society, we cannot disconnect ourselves from our environment and the issues within it. There will be a celebration for the artists on Jan. 22 and they will be able to discuss their work then. The event is free and open to anyone. 

The City of Fargo reports that Fargo has actually had a human relations commission since October of 2000. This commission works to advance Fargo’s acceptance and respect for diversity. It actively attempts to discourage discrimination and holds events like the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration to do so. 

The advocates for human rights explain that human rights are simply standards that let people live with equality, justice, peace, freedom and dignity. Human rights are just that, for humans. They are for people of all origins and status and human rights have a lot to do with the development of communities. This is why the advocates for human rights stress the importance of accepting and respecting diversity. The F-M area is advocating for change and for the growth of acceptance by holding the arts festival. Events like these help to ensure that everyone is able to develop and use their personal qualities to the fullest.

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