Extremism in America: Politics

Extremism is alive and well. Today we must live with the extremists who make life difficult, for you can’t walk down the street without noticing it.

There is the guy with a Camaro. Oh look, a bumper sticker that says something racist about Obama. It is simply everywhere. One place that we cannot ignore extremist is, of course, politics.

My favorite thing about politics is how ridiculous people become when talking about their respected ideas. The guy who only shops at the Farmer’s Market (and tells everyone about it), and the guy who owns 30 AR-15s, are basically the same people – extremist.

Preppy liberals are as fragile as a Faberge egg. This is coming from a liberal, I will have you know; I consider myself a liberal, but I cannot ignore that preppy liberals are just as extreme as butthead conservatives.

There is a high chance that these liberals will talk to you about the whole foods and NPR, in a condescending tone of course. Liberals don’t know everything, as much as we would love to think we do.

However there are some liberals who think they do and that everyone else is just so uninformed. These are the liberals with whom most people would rather not be left alone at a party.

We don’t need to hear about the emission standards for your car. We can go without your rant that the Whole Foods ran out of organic Blueberry juice, we really don’t care.

Butthead conservatives, like preppy liberals, think they are always right. There is no other way to live.

They believe the way their grandpa did it is the way they should to do it, which is a terrible policy to follow. Your grandpa didn’t grow up in a perfect time. He probably forgot all of the terrible things like racism and sexism.

I am for sure he remembers white suburbia though and just how great it was. Butthead conservatives feel as though they don’t have a say anymore, that everything is too politically correct.

The country is going to shit, and the only way I can save it is holding up my gun, and sharing the good word of the Lord. Preach!

These two accounts of groups in this country should show you what is wrong with this country.

Those people don’t get it. You can drive your Prius or your lifted F-350, but we all know.

Disclaimer, if you drive a Prius and aren’t condescending about it, you are fine. If you own an F-350, and actually use it everyday, you are fine.

But if you own a Prius just so you can be seen as the “good liberal,” you are giving us a bad name. If you drive an F-350, have truck nuts, never actually use the bed and have stacks on your truck, you’re an idiot. We all know these people are the extremists.

Today we elect people into office who pander to the extremist. Does every conservative think there should be a 10-foot wall between Mexico and the U.S.? Of course not.

Does every liberal agree that Marco Rubio should cancel his campaign because he is having a fundraiser in a home that happens to hold a signed copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”? No.

But guess who goes and votes? It is the Prius driving liberal extremist and the F-350 conservative.

Today we live in a political atmosphere where people who are level-headed barely make it into politics. The sensible people who do are usually casted as the nut jobs.

Oh look, he hugged Obama! He must be a bad guy. He just ate at McDonald’s, oh how uninformed he must be! These are extremist points of view.

Rational-minded people don’t make the news. Only idiots do these days. Don’t be that idiot.

4 Replies to “Extremism in America: Politics”

  1. “there’s a high chance these liberals will talk to you in a condescending tone”
    —the author said as he writes the article with a condescending tone

    Owning 30 AR-15s has nothing to do with political extremism. It’s actually a good investment if the butthead liberals (to use the phrasing from the article) ever get their assault weapons ban passed which will cause the price of them to skyrocket. I know at least one person who’s invested in them.

    Having a signed copy of Mein Kampf would be an amazing collector’s item; that doesn’t mean anyone is a nazi.

    This article is pure nonsense. Being a douche doesn’t make you an extremist.
    Being an uncompromising idealist is what makes you an extremist.

  2. Hey, just because I have a kick ass truck (and I mean braappin’) doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. You don’t know anything about me but based on my truck you seem to have all figured out. Would it surprised you if I told you I have deep relationship with my, and yours for that matter, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Would it surprise you if I enjoy the great American pass time of football? Would it surprise you if I exscersize my rights by owning 13 fire arms (all legally acquired). Next time you think you can judge a melon by its skin, just think about what color the juice really is.

    by the way my cars emissions are none of your got’damn concerns!

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