Experience Life as a Game Developer

“Game Builder,” developed by Area 120, is a game that allows you to create.

More specifically, the real purpose of “Game Builder,” as expected, is to learn to create your own games while using the models and sprites available to you. (A sprite is a graphic designed to be either a static image or animated.)

The program is very intuitive, but hard to master due to how many different options there are when creating a game.

You can increase the size of objects and change their parameters, such as when is it activated and how it acts. Will you make it move or will its behavior need to be changed? There are many different options to choose from, and it will take a while to create something even though the program is full of helpful advice.

Something that was recently added to the program was a multiplayer option. This is so you and your friends can build a game together, and therefore theoretically finish it quicker.

While the program is a good starting block to test out your creative abilities, there are a couple things to keep in mind if you decide to download.

First, there is no current way to change the artistic style the developers have put into it. I believe this is because building your game is more important than the graphics it will be showing off. This is something that can always change in the future.

Also, while the quickest way to build a game is to select the pre-made options, which are somewhat limited in the grand scheme of things, the other option is to create your own script for animations and objects. The latter option is made possible by the included JavaScript program. With it you can code to your heart’s content.

For those of us who are not code monkeys, you can always look up how to code for yourself, or if you want to build your game quicker, you can always google a specific script. Odds are you will be able to find it.

“Game Builder” allows you to create your own games, but while it is easy to use, it is equally difficult to fully flesh out an idea if you do not have the time or know-how.

“Game Builder” is free on Steam and offers a way to expand your knowledge about script coding and maybe an appreciation for all the work game developers do to make entertainment.

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