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Exercise Clears Mind, Eases Stress

Everyone has had that moment at the gym where the overwhelming feeling of intimidation sets in. You see people practicing all sorts of strange exercises.

You see people seemingly lift every weight in the gym. This is often a deterrent for people who do not frequent the gym.

This semester, I decided to start exercising on a more regular basis. I was overwhelmed how much it affected my productivity and my mood. I seemed to always have something school-related on my mind, which continually wore me down as the day went on.

When I started working out, it seemed like my mind was cleared, and I was able to better address the situation after I was done exercising. I found I was also able to study and retain more information after a brief workout.

I had a test earlier in the semester and found difficulty in trying to adequately retain all the needed information. I finally just drove to the gym and came back to find I was more alert about the whole situation.

I was quite skeptical when told the gym helps you study. But now, I am a believer. My performances on some of the recent exams have improved in correlation to my exercise routine.

Exercise not only helps in academic situations but can help energize yourself for the rest of the day. I have woken up early and exercised, which helped me have more energy throughout the day.

I view this technique to be better than caffeine and other stimulants as it helps better yourself, and the energy typically lasts the majority of the day. Exercise, despite the frequency, always helps to make you healthier.

Therefore, the only constraint to exercise is the time factor. If you can find the time within the week, exercise is truly something to dabble in. So as finals come along and stress levels start mounting, take a trip to the gym and exercise your worries away.

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