‘The Evil Within 2’ Release Set for Friday the 13th

Although the second installment of ‘The Evil Within’ will feature less barbed wire, the premise remains the same: Sebastian Castellanos must save his daughter in the gruesome Union City.

“The Evil Within 2,” the sequel to the 2014 video game, “The Evil Within,” created by Tango Gameworks, will be released this Friday, Oct. 13. (I see what you did there, Tango Gameworks.)

Just like the first game, “The Evil Within 2” follows the protagonist Sebastian Castellanos as he is forced into yet another terrifying experience. What compels the player and Sebastian to continue onward through the unthinkable nightmares in Union City is the chance to save Sebastian’s daughter from an evil force keeping her hostage in the STEM.

The STEM is a system that allows multiple people to bring their consciousnesses together. Only one person may oversee creating the landscape that the other minds ultimately join.

Much like the first game, I think the plot of “The Evil Within 2” will be that the mind of Sebastian’s daughter is trapped in the STEM and Sebastian must somehow save her. Although, and this is just an educated guess, “saving” her may not result in an ending most of us would want. Sebastian will continue to be alert while he sprints through maze-like buildings, fights and hides from unspeakable horrors as he looks for the next trap, a trap that could quickly turn a jolly old time of smashing zombie-like creatures to bits into a hellish experience full of pain and frustration. Yippee.

For fans of the last game, I am sorry to say that, after watching some gameplay footage by Polygon, there isn’t as much barbed wire as the last “The Evil Within.”

Unfortunately, that is all I know about this soon-to-be-released horror game. If you are interested, the game will be available to buy and play this Friday, the perfect time to start a scary game. After all your classes are done, you can start the game that night and play well on into Saturday morning. Fall asleep. Wake up. Have an excellent breakfast of Cheetos and Mountain Dew and then get right back to the horror until you must leave for your underwater basket weaving class at 8 a.m. Monday.

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