Engineering Mad Libs

It is hard out there for an engineering student. We have math all the time and, of course, it sucks always being right. We make the world go round and we can even explain it with Greek letters how it does this. Just think of it this way, Bill Nye is an engineer.

So take some study breaks, don’t cry too much and remember licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.


Today is a great day to _____________ (verb), I have an engineering exam today. I woke up this morning at ____________ (time), and got right to work studying ___________ (subject in school). No matter how much I studied though, I was confused with basic____________(basic  subject).

This made me very sad, so I decided to eat_____________(junk food) until I burst. My exam was at 7 p.m. and I had no idea whether to cry or ___________(verb).

Luckily my friend_______________(close friend’s name) was in the same boat. We both collectively thought the same thing, it couldn’t be worse than majoring with a_______________ (college major) degree.

After hours of being terrified and______________(emotion), we took our exam.

The first thing we thought when we saw it was wow I totally with get a _____(letter between A-Z) on this one!

After waiting for____________(close friend’s name) to finish, I remembered that I forgot to write my name on the exam,____________(frustrated word).

Oh well, that’s being an engineer. Sure better than being an English major, right?

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