Engineering Mad Libs

I went to my _____ (noun) final at ____ (number 1-12) a.m. I expected to get a  ____ percent, but didn’t anticipate the feeling of being flogged with a ______ (object). I went home to my ______ (adj) apartment where I ate ______ (food) until the pain subsided. Then I continued until the pain returned. Then I watched ______ (animal) fight ______ (profession) on YouTube while ignoring _____ (movie) on Netflix. I got the gist. When my grade finally returned, it felt like getting mauled by a ______ (animal) blank, but then I heard about the curve and it only felt like a _____ (noun) had fallen on my chest. What a time to be alive!

I had ______ (noun) homework that I worked on for about _____ (number) hours. Granted ______ (number) of those hours were a split of contemplating dropping out and singing along with ______ (singer) as if I knew the lyrics. You could say I’m pretty _____ (adj). I’ve been staring at this problem for ______ (number) minutes and I’ve moved along about __ (number) lines. Anyways, I’ve been awake long enough that I’m seeing ______ (noun) and when I close my eyes I’m overwhelmed with ________ (feeling).

Swear word addition

_____ (oh geez) this (woah there) _______ing professor! Mother _______ (my ears) said, on ________ (should I google that?) Tuesday mind you, that there would be none of the  (calm down) _______ ________ (OK then) on the exam. Yet lo and be-_____-ing (children read this) hold, this ______ (like, I don’t know what children read the school newspaper, but they probably do) bag put that exact (think of-)________ _________ (-the children) on the exam. This is (oh lord) _________ ________ (that’s a new one). I want my ______ (please) tuition back. I want ________ (too far) loads of my time back. I want a non-__________ (not appropriate) professor. __________ (holy s—) on all this ______. __________ ___________ _____________ ___________ _______ ________________ _____________ _________ ________ _________ _________ ________ _________ ________ ________ (well I’d never)!

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